1- The effects of electronic games on children


1- The effects of electronic games on children

Children’s games are no longer just dolls that move in their hands, but technology has entered their manufacture and turned them into modern devices that children communicate with, which increases their connection with them, and increases the periods that the child spends in front of them, such as laser games, computer games, phones that include the latest games, PlayStation and others, and despite One of the benefits of these games is to increase the intelligence and expand the perceptions of children, but they have negative effects that must be addressed

Effects of electronic games on children
Detrimental effect on long-term memory
Children become withdrawn and depressed, especially when the child reaches the point of addiction
Brain lethargy and stress, poor long-term memory

effects of electronic games

Child autism, isolation, and difficulty communicating with society
May cause headaches, nervous stress, fatigue, and Parkinson’s disease

Harmful effect on eyes, low vision, brain, and genitals
Laziness, lethargy, mental delirium, and children tend to be overly aggressive
Neck muscle spasms, as well as back and shoulder pain

Poor academic achievement, failure, and academic failure

In addition to the impact of the quality of games played by the child, which varies between wars and games of intelligence and installation, which are among the games that activate the intelligence, and despite these benefits, games have negative effects on children and adolescents, which can reach addiction and disability in the vertebrae of the neck and back

One of the severe effects of electronic games damage caused by intermittent flashing of high and different levels of lighting in animation, which can lead to epilepsy, with the jerky movements required to play computer games constantly

From a social point of view, the symptoms of electronic game addiction cause sleep disturbances, social isolation, loss of the ability to think properly, and failure in all aspects of life

Electronic games for children coincide with loud music, which is one of the severe health risks that are included in a specialized medical report, which may be hidden from the practitioners of electronic games, especially children, which is caused by this type of loud sounds, which may cause hearing loss and deafness

It is known that electromagnetic rays are emitted from toys and electronic devices, which scientists state that the rate of absorption of electromagnetic energy by the body depends largely on the orientation of the largest axis of the human body in relation to the electric field, whose absorption rate is maximum when the body length is equal to 0.4 of the wavelength, and with vibrations ranging Between 70-80 MHz, when the person is isolated from ground contact, as the contact of the person with the ground reduces the frequency of vibrations approximately in half to reach 35-40 MHz

games for adults

Which draws attention to the importance of taking care of establishing ground connections systems in electrical networks in cities, in order to avoid the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation such as tension, unjustified fear, negative emotions, increased sensitivity of the skin and chest, arthritis and osteoporosis

Despite these negative harmful effects of using electronic games, we cannot deny the positive benefits of developing children’s intelligence and developing their mental perceptions, with family and school guidance to use these advanced devices for entertainment and education, and the greatest benefit from them for the development of life, with interest in educating children in the correct way for those devices, With interest in family bonding and the meeting of parents and their participation in continuous play between them and their children, and not adopting electronic toys as the only form of entertainment

better games

Letter T puzzle
A letter T puzzle is one of the most common puzzle games that an adult can play for enjoyment as well as for personality development purposes. The prime objective of the game is to align the puzzle pieces in a specific order so as to form an English alphabet ‘T’. The pieces are uneven in shape and size and can be fixed to each other in multiple ways; however

only one type of arrangement of the game pieces would result in the formation of a perfect English alphabet ‘T’, which is why the game is a bit complex in nature. A person significantly improves his/her pattern recognition and critical thinking abilities by playing or solving the letter T puzzle game


A nonogram game is also known as a paint by numbers puzzle game, pic-a-pix, pixel puzzle, Japanese crosswords, etc. It typically consists of a grid or a matrix that contains multiple small square blocks that are equal in dimension and size. The blocks are filled with random numbers. The main aim of the puzzle is to colour the grid blocks with black colour and mark the empty blocks with a cross in a logical manner

. The number of blocks that are coloured along the row or the column must justify the number that is filled in the matrix blocks. The nonogram game particularly helps a person gain knowledge of the concepts of logic theory subset of mathematics. It also helps in enhancing the mental calibre of the player by improving his/her ability to focus and concentrate on things

A locate view of an object or a visual math puzzle game typically consists of a picture of a 3D object. Along with the image of the object, a set of images are provided that tend to demonstrate the object’s top, side, or front view. One of the images present in the set of images representing the view of the object is correct. The main aim of the game is to locate the perfect or the most accurate projection of the object. The game requires a good knowledge of three-dimensional theory

engineering drawing, and other engineering concepts. The complexity of the game varies as per the level of the game. Such games are generally available in textbook format in the market. One can improve his/her critical thinking ability, problem-solving ability, concentration, focus, and various other skills by playing a locate the view of the object puzzle games

Free the Block Puzzle Game
A free the block puzzle game was initially developed as a wooden board puzzle game, but later some of the online and offline application versions of the game were also introduced. A free the block puzzle game typically consists of a wooden frame that consists of multiple wooden blocks. The blocks are generally shaped like cubes or cuboids. Each block has different dimensions and orientations. One of the blocks is coloured differently and is known as the main block

The wooden frame of the free the block puzzle game consists of an opening on one of its edges. The main idea behind the game is to extract the main block from the opening window. This is usually done by moving or sliding the blocks in the horizontal or the vertical dimension. Playing free the block puzzle game helps a person tends to improve the critical thinking, problem-solving, pattern recognition, and various other skills of an individual

Ring Puzzle Game
A ring puzzle game is yet another puzzle that falls under the category of three-dimensional puzzle games designed generally for adults. A ring puzzle game was developed by the Japanese puzzle manufacturing company, Hanayama. A ring puzzle piece typically consists of a set or a pair of metallic structures that are interlocked with each other. These metallic structures generally consist of multiple loops and curves. The main idea behind the puzzle is to separate the interlocked game pieces from each other

The game is a bit complex as there are numerous ways in which the metallic structures are able to move, but only one particular movement helps separate the pieces and solve the puzzle. This particular puzzle game enhances the critical thinking, problem-solving, and pattern recognition abilities of the player

Rat Race Puzzle Game
A rat race puzzle typically consists of a metallic structure that is embedded with multiple loops. One of the loops contained by the game, called the main loop, is usually placed at the centre of the structure. The main loop is generally stretched along the length. The structure or the frame of the puzzle is generally shaped like a maze.

The prime objective of the game is to free or extract out the main loop by moving it across the frame over and under the rest of the loops. The complexity of the game can be basic, moderate, or intermediate depending on the level of the game. Such games help a person significantly improve his/her mental calibre and information processing ability

Kong Ming Lock
A kong ming lock is yet another block puzzle that falls under the three-dimensional games category of puzzle games. It typically consists of a set of blocks made up of wood, plastic, metal, or fibre that are shaped like random geometric objects. These blocks can be connected to each other in multiple ways. The prime aim of the game is to determine a particular format in which the blocks must be grouped so that their combination results in the formation of a complete three

-dimensional object such as a cross, a box, etc. The game complexity level typically ranges from moderate to complex and is best suited for adults. A person gets a better clarity of the combination of geometric objects by playing a kong ming lock puzzle game

A cryptogram puzzle game is typically based on cryptography, i.e., the art or the technique of writing or solving codes. It is a form of puzzle game that consists of encrypted texts that are required to be decrypted in a given time. The decryption of the text is based on the encryption key that may or may not be provided with the game. The player who is able to decode the text in the minimum possible time tends to win the game

The player who plays a cryptogram puzzle game tends to develop a number of personality development skills such as problem-solving ability, observation, concentration, focus, critical thinking, confidence, etc. The solution of some of the cryptogram puzzle games tends to provide the players with a piece of information, thereby improving their mental calibre and general knowledge

Murder Mystery Puzzle Books
A murder mystery puzzle book is a classic example of puzzle games designed for adults. A murder mystery puzzle generally consists of a detailed description of an instance or an event. The event generally involves murder or any other criminal activity. The prime objective of the game is to identify the game character who might have committed the crime

The person who is able to identify the murderer accurately is declared the winner of the game. The complexity level of such games may vary from moderate to high. Such games tend to enhance the critical thinking ability, problem-solving capability, observation skills, and concentration of the player. Such games are generally available in text format in puzzle books or newspapers; however, various online platforms also make murder mystery puzzle games in audio or video format

 Pyramid Puzzle 

A pyramid puzzle is yet another example of the three-dimensional puzzle games that people belonging to any age group can play for the purpose of skill-building, intellectual development and enjoyment. A pyramid puzzle generally consists of multiple game pieces. The game pieces of a pyramid puzzle are generally irregularly shaped three-dimensional geometric shapes. A unique alignment of these haphazard 3D puzzle pieces results in the formation of a pyramid shape

The main objective of the game is to locate the unique pattern in which the game pieces can be aligned together to form the pyramid geometric shape. Other variants of the game that contain multiple spherical balls linearly attached to each other are also available in the market

The game helps the player improve his/her critical thinking ability and enhance problem-solving skills. Also, the pyramid puzzle game helps a person learn the fundamentals and real-life application of various mathematical concepts such as properties and characteristics of various geometric shapes, permutations and combinations, order of arrangement of objects, etc