10 the best puzzle games for Android and iPhone


10 the best puzzle games for Android and iPhone

Are you looking for a new puzzle game to pass the time? There are many free and paid mobile puzzle games that you can play on your mobile phone, whether you are an Android or iPhone user. Some of them don’t even need an internet connection to play it

Here are 10 of the best mobile puzzle games that are sure to give your brain a good workout


Lumen (iOS) is an Apple-exclusive game that lets you solve puzzles using mirrors, lenses, and lights. You relive the discoveries of Olivia McLumen, the famous Scottish inventor of the early 20th century who hid the cinematic frames of her inventions in a mysterious antique chest for you to retrieve

Your main objective is to collect all the light bulbs and achieve rewards across more than a hundred well-crafted levels that start simple but get progressively more difficult as you progress. Lumen charms you with its cool old-fashioned graphics and relaxing mix of piano and brass music

games for Android and iPhone
games for Android and iPhone

If you need a break from matching candy or colorful tiles and want something a little more classy, ​​this game should be in your phone. Lumen is available exclusively to Apple Arcade subscribers and is definitely worth a try if you’re a member

maze machine

Maze Machina (iOS | Android) puts you in the shoes of a tiny mouse who is being held captive by an evil lord known as the Automatron. To curb his boredom, Automatron has our young hero reluctantly involved in the ever-changing mechanical maze, as you make your way through the mischievous machinery to reach the next section of the labyrinth

This game offers a truly unique puzzle experience through turn-based mechanics. Your playing field is a 4×4 grid that you can traverse with a series of swipes, with your enemies mimicking your every move. There are weapons that you can pick up to fight your enemies, but they each have very specific limitations. A sword, for example, can only attack enemies who can’t retreat any further and are right in front of you, while a bow can hit bad guys two distances or farther away. Once you get rid of the robots and pick up the key, you can head to the next room

Maze Machina is a highly strategic puzzle game that requires foresight and planning. It might be quite challenging for casual players, but true puzzle lovers will find a lot to love here. The gameplay isn’t the only feature, either, as the game features beautifully displayed character models and an eye-catching overall design

Heaven: Children of Light

Sky: Children of Light (iOS | Android) is an MMORPG drawn from the minds behind the critically acclaimed titles “Journey” and “Flower”. In a place known for endless fighting and grinding, this game feels like a breath of fresh air with its laid-back gameplay and heartwarming premise. Paying special attention to its social element, the game is designed to be played with friends and loved ones

The title takes place in the magical world of Sky, where you play as one of the Children of the Light, as you run, jump and glide your way through seven worlds filled with unforgettable characters and touching stories. You will be treated to console-quality graphics and satisfyingly strict controls that make solving puzzles and platforming fun

Candy crush soda saga

Everyone with a smartphone has heard of Candy Crush – perhaps the most popular 3D puzzle game of all time. Candy Crush Soda Saga (iOS | Android | Web) was the successor to the classic puzzle title, offering a familiar style of play but with more combos, unique candies, and a plethora of completely new levels

What makes Candy Crush Soda Saga so addictive is the incredibly simple matching premise that steadily becomes more and more challenging as you progress. New obstacles are emerging that require a more innovative approach and great patience for repetition. In addition, the great graphics make the game very easy on the eyes, and the addition of new social features and multiplayer modes makes it even more fun with friends

If you’ve scrapped all the content from the original Candy Crush and are looking for your next match-3 adventure, Candy Crush Soda Saga is definitely the way to play. It’s available on Android, iOS, and web browsers, so anyone can join in the fun

Friday the 13th: Kill Puzzle

The Friday the 13th saga isn’t exactly the likely source for puzzle games, especially a smartphone game. But Friday the 13th: Kill Puzzle (iOS | Android) does a great job honoring the legendary horror flick franchise while treating players to unique and entertaining puzzles

In this game, you play as famous fictional serial killer Jason Voorhees as you roam the massacre camp and other unsuspecting victims across a variety of locations across more than 100 blood-soaked levels. The gameplay is delightfully simple and involves swiping your finger in four different directions to control Jason’s movement

With each pass, he rushes in that direction until he hits an obstacle or a victim, killing the latter instantly. Kill all the victims, and you can advance to the next level. It’s clearly not a game for a younger audience, even with the PG filter turned on, and there are ads between levels unless you buy an item chest. Friday the 13th: Kill Puzzle remains one of the coolest horror-themed puzzle games on mobile

Flip Flop Solitaire

Card games are a lot of fun, but finding a good game that plays comfortably on mobile can be a difficult task, and playing a diverse version of Solitaire frequently can get old very quickly. Fortunately, there’s Flipflop Solitaire (iOS | Android) – a variation of the classic card game that keeps the original game’s core objective but throws most of the rules out the window

In this version of the game, you will be able to stack your cards in ascending or descending order, regardless of the type of card, although it is worth noting that you can only move a column of cards if they are stacked in the same proportion. This forces you to approach things differently compared to classic solitaire

The free version of Flipflop Solitaire includes one to four suit game modes, but you can purchase the five suit and one suit extended modes together. If a game of twisted Solitaire sounds appealing to you, you will probably love this game

RGB Express

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to manage a delivery truck route? RGB Express (iOS | Android) is a fun little game that gets you to do just that. You’ll be responsible for presenting the colors with your truck by drawing the tracks with your finger on the map and making sure the right homes get the corresponding packages

The game features a simple and engaging design with a forgiving learning curve that suits a wide range of ages. You get the first 400 levels for free and you can always upgrade to the King Truck version if you want more or just want to get rid of those annoying ads

Game way to slaughter

A Way To Slay (iOS | Android) is a unique puzzle game that features third-person combat elements and is intended for a more mature audience. You play as a fighter from different points in history with the goal of eliminating all the enemies on the screen before they have a chance to attack you

Before you begin, you will have the opportunity to freely scan the battlefield with a fully rotatable camera. As soon as you come across an enemy, you will immediately rush and hit him. If another enemy is very close to the one you just killed, they will attack you and kill you in return. This means that you have to know in what order to attack the enemies without dying

games for Android and iPhone
games for Android and iPhone

The free version includes some annoying ads whenever you repeat a level multiple times, but you can bypass that by purchasing the full version, which also unlocks many character and weapon models

small bubbles

As its name suggests, Tiny Bubbles (iOS | Android) is a game all about popping bubbles. It sounds simple enough, sure, but the beautiful 3D graphics mixed with satisfying pop sounds and vibrant colors make it a surprisingly compelling game that’s incredibly hard to pull off. It’s a good thing, in fact, that the game has managed to garner more than a dozen gaming awards

In short, Tiny Bubbles is a match four puzzle game where you add colors to transparent bubbles in order to arrange a match. Once you can match all the different colors of bubbles in the level, you will move on to the next stage. The free version of the game comes with ads that you can bypass with any in-game purchase. You can also purchase additional levels, in case you finish all the free levels


XOB (iOS | Android) is an ultra-thin game that features flashing lights, out-of-the-box gameplay mechanics, soundtrack music and sound effects, all rendered behind a CRT TV filter. It is a physics based game that uses gravity and screen rotation to manipulate a chest to roll across platforms and into a goal

You get one ad for every four levels you finish, but the free version of the game includes all levels. If you don’t mind supporting the developers, you can always buy the game to get rid of the ads. XOB is definitely a geeky game, but it’s one worth trying

Final thoughts

Each of the above-mentioned top puzzle games has unique features that make it compelling. Whether you are looking for a new hobby to pass the time or a fun challenge to ignite your brain cells, these puzzle games for Android and iOS are really the best and the best in the mobile gaming space. If you are in the mood for the multiplayer offerings