12- How do I cook potatoes


12- How do I cook potatoes

How to cook potatoes
There are many ways in which we can cook potatoes, they can be prepared fried, boiled, grilled, or stuffed, and it is characterized by its delicious and distinctive taste, and it can be served as a main dish, or as a type of appetizer, and it is loved by all people, and is characterized by containing many elements nutrients, such as iron, protein, phosphorous, and many others

French fries
the ingredients
Four peeled potatoes
A tablespoon of baking powder
spoon of salt
spoonful of spice
Amount of ketchup as desired
Mayonnaise as desired
Amount of vegetable oil for frying

I cook potatoes
I cook potatoes

How to prepare
Cut the potatoes into wedges, and wash them well with water
Put the potatoes in a bowl, add salt, pepper and baking powder, and leave them for ten minutes
Heat the vegetable oil over a high heat, and fry the potato slices in it, and when it turns golden, remove it from the heat
Served with crispy potatoes, mayonnaise, and ketchup

Potatoes in the oven
the ingredients
1 kg of peeled and boiled potatoes
100 grams of melted butter
Three tablespoons of dill
Two tablespoons of white flour
Amount of salt as desired
Two tablespoons of vegetable oil

How to prepare
Cut the potatoes in half, and sprinkle with salt
Pour some butter over the potatoes using a spoon
Sprinkle a small amount of white flour over the potatoes, then dill, and mix all the ingredients well
Wipe the tray using a tissue dipped in vegetable oil, and put the potatoes inside
Put the tray into the oven, and leave it until it turns golden
Put the potatoes in a suitable serving dish, and sprinkle a small amount of parsley on top

Stuffed potatoes

the ingredients
Four grains of potatoes
Three tablespoons of olive oil
Vegetable Filling Ingredients

Two carrots, sliced ​​lengthwise
A cup of chopped mushrooms
A box of corn
Zucchini, sliced ​​lengthwise
Sesame oil as needed
A tablespoon of soy sauce
A tablespoon of ketchup

Cream Corn Filling Ingredients

A cup of mozzarella cheese
Four tablespoons of cream
canned corn

How to prepare

Cut each potato in half without reaching the end, as it should stay attached
Rub each piece with olive oil, and cover it with tin foil
Put the potatoes in a suitable tray, and put them in the oven at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius, and leave them for an hour and a half, until they are tender
Vegetable filling

Heat the oil in a pan, and put the carrots, mushrooms, zucchini and corn
Add to the vegetables soy sauce, ketchup, mix all the ingredients for a minute, then remove from the heat, and set aside

I cook potatoes
I cook potatoes

Corn filling

Put the mozzarella cheese, cream, and cream cheese in a bowl, and put it in the microwave, until the mixture melts completely
Remove the dish from the microwave, add the corn, and mix well
We open the two potatoes, stuff them with the vegetable stuffing, then open the remaining two, stuff them with the corn stuffing, and serve