2- Cat constipation treatment

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2- Cat constipation treatment

Cats are among the pets that many seek to acquire and raise at home, and there are many types and cute forms, but cats, like humans, have their own needs and they are also infected with diseases, and here the behavior and behavior of the cat must be observed so that we can know what health problems it suffers from and we will know Together and through the next lines on the treatment of constipation in cats

?How do you know that your cat suffers from constipation

Cats sometimes get a blockage in their internal intestines and therefore find it difficult to defecate normally, and when you see or notice that your cat spends a long time in its litter box, know at the time that the cat suffers from constipation


You should check your cat’s litter box continuously, as a normal cat urinates two to three times a day, and if less than this means that the cat suffers from some problems, whether with the bladder or intestinal obstruction

Methods of treating constipation in cats

cats food
The first thing to think about is the food offered to cats, because it is one of the basic elements that cause constipation or prevent it. Here are a set of tips for treating and preventing constipation

Reducing dry dry food meals provided to cats, as many cat breeders are unaware that focusing on them causes constipation, and as we mentioned that cats are like humans and need diversity in diets

It is very important to add foods that contain fiber to the cat’s daily diet, and if the cat suffers from partial constipation, it is useful to add mashed pumpkin to its food

You should choose good types of canned foods that contain important nutrients for the health of cats, and some foods such as mashed pumpkin can be mixed with them to increase the benefit

Providing a balanced meal for cats is enough to make them safe from diseases and treat constipation, and the home meal must contain starches, meat and vegetables, cook them well and serve them in a clean container

Personal cat hygiene
One of the most common causes of constipation in cats is the lack of attention to the hygiene of cats and ridding them of insects, and it occurs when the cat cleans its hair by licking it with the tongue

Cat constipation
Cat constipation

The hair balls or the confusion that is found on the hair of cats is one of the main causes of constipation and must be quickly disposed of and the cat should be cleaned, as the cat swallows these balls when it usual brushes its hair. Cat constipation and complete fatigue

Pay attention to the water setting
Attention should be given to placing water in many places in the house for the cat, changing it continuously, and always cleaning the designated container

Attention to immunizations
Cat vaccinations are very important and must be taken care of for the safety of the cat and those in the house as well, and it is important to ask about the dates of worming doses, because worms are one of the causes of cats infection, whether with constipation or other diseases

Some quick recipes in the treatment of constipation
. Giving the cat raw milk is very beneficial

. Through a dropper, an amount of 1 cm of olive oil is placed and it is given to the cat through the mouth once in the morning and again in the evening

Make a meal consisting of zucchini and chicken meat and mash it well and in the case of severe constipation, put some drops of olive oil on it, and continue this meal until the constipation disappears

. In severe cases of constipation, an enema should be made for the cat, but under the supervision of the veterinarian

Causes of cat hair loss

There are many diseases, and problems that affect many of these pets, which we often raise in our homes, as one of the most common problems that animals fall into is the problem of hair loss from time to time, which is a problem that suffers Including pets

such as cats, especially those cats that are characterized by their long and soft fur, as this particular type of cat is the most vulnerable to hair loss, and although this problem does not pose a serious threat to cats, but it causes a negative impact. For the people who own it, especially if the health problem that the pet suffers from in general is contagious

Therefore, the pet must be presented quickly to the veterinarian, and one of the most important of these pets, and the most prevalent in our homes are cats, which also suffer from some diseases, including hair loss, and the majority of the infection is due to the presence of a problem with hormones or a problem Attached to her food such as poor nutrition or the presence of one of her skin problems

The most important reasons that lead to hair loss in a cat: There are a number of reasons that cause a cat to suffer from the phenomenon of hair loss, including


The cat has allergies and skin irritation:- This is as a result of an allergic reaction in the cat. It may be that he has been exposed to antibiotics placed on his skin, for example, the cat is allergic to nickel, plastic, wool, dyes, and even exposure to display removers or poison ivy. In this case, the symptoms associated with the infected cat are irritation of the cat’s skin and noticeable redness, the appearance of some pimples or blisters on the surface of the cat’s skin, or itching and heavy hair loss that can infect the cat


a cat with alopecia areata: In this case, the cat’s hair loss is due to an autoimmune disorder (alopecia). Hairless patches


Infection of the cat with inhaled eczema: In this case, the cat’s infection arises mainly from inhaling something to which it is allergic, such as mites, pollen and mold, and the symptoms accompanying this case of infection are the cat licking its legs continuously and the redness of its skin with It accompanied him with itching and loss of appetite for the cat


Infection of the cat with chemotherapy :- One of the symptoms of exposure to chemotherapy in the cat is the cat’s loss of its hair, and its tissue change when it regrows again


.the cat has food allergy: – and this condition always comes as a result of the cat eating some of the foods that he is allergic to. In addition to losing his hair extensively


The presence of the cat in the stage of pregnancy or the stage of lactation:- In this case, this reason is limited to female cats only. The female cat loses hair at the beginning of her pregnancy period, especially in the area of ​​her nipples. Among the most prominent signs that accompany this case are: Loss of nipple hair, so that the little ones can breastfeed from their mother


The cat mixing with some infected animals: It is possible that the cat has mixed with some of the infected animals and thus the disease was transmitted to him from them


Psychological factors in cats: It is possible that this case of hair loss in the cat as a result of going through a state of depression or fear and loss of appetite

Cat constipation
Cat constipation


Fleas and ticks: They are what are known as those small insects that feed mainly on the blood of other living organisms. The symptoms of infection in cats in this case are: – The cat’s hair loss, redness of his skin, severe itching of his skin and irritation

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