2- What is the computer speed measured in


2- What is the computer speed measured in

?What is the computer speed measured in

The speed of the computer is measured through what is known as the clock speed in the central processing unit, which is the brain of the computer. The central processing unit is the main factor in determining the speed of downloading programs across the computer and running them with high efficiency

The clock speed or what is referred to as the clock rate or the speed of the processor is defined as the speed at which the processor executes all the commands and instructions issued to it from the user, the higher the speed of the processor, the greater its ability to carry out logical operations during One second, which reduces the time for executing commands, and thus increases the speed of the device

The clock speed is measured by the number of cycles carried out by the central processing unit in the computer during one second

computer speed measured
computer speed measured

The unit of measurement for computer speed

The clock speed is measured, which in turn determines the speed of the computer through the unit hertz (Hz), which refers to one cycle per second, and the clock speed is usually measured in megahertz (MHz), which refers to the processor’s ability to execute one million cycles per second or The gigahertz unit (GHz), which refers to the processor’s ability to execute one billion cycles per second

Factors affecting computer speed

Other components inside a computer can affect its speed; Such as random access memory, hard disk, and motherboard, and the number of cores in the processor affects this speed. If the clock speed of the processor is doubled and increased, and all other components in the computer are left without an upgrade, the speed of the device will not increase as required

CPU Components

Central Processing Unit

The Central Processing Unit, abbreviated as the CPU, is sometimes known as the processor, and it is classified as one of the basic components of a computer; It is responsible for interpreting the instructions to the computer and processing the data contained in the software. The central processing unit is one of the most important components of microcomputers, along with the main memory and input and output units as well, and it is noteworthy that it has been manufactured using the so-called integrated circuits and microprocessors since the seventies of the twentieth century

technology; The term central processing unit refers to a number of logical machines that introduce a number of complex computer programs into implementation, and these processors were in their recent times limited to a number of specific applications and not others, as they have expensive costs; However, with the technological progress that the world has witnessed, prospects have opened up for less expensive processors

Components of the Central Processing Unit

The central processing unit consists of basic components, namely: Arithmetic and Logic Unit, which stands for ALU, occupies a position in the heart of the central processing unit in the form of a digital circuit, and is responsible for carrying out all basic arithmetic operations. such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. It should be noted that this unit depends only on the addition process to get the results of arithmetic operations regardless of the existing arithmetic operation

and this is also through logical operations as in (OR,AND, XOR), and comparisons are made between the results to reach the result required or correct. The unit of arithmetic and logic is divided into a number of parts, namely

Floating Point Unit

It is difficult for the processor to perform arithmetic operations in the case of a floating point, that is, those that contain a decimal point, due to the need for a large processing power to calculate it, and the floating point unit comes for the purposes of implementing and performing these operations

Integer unit

It is the unit responsible for performing arithmetic operations that contain integers, and it is the most important unit of all in most software

computer speed measured


The structure of recorders varies between computers, as a number of them include a number of general purpose recorders and others include recorders for special purposes; The difference between public and private recorders is that it is possible to use public recorders for any purpose without limiting them to a specific purpose, while private recorders are restricted to a specific function and not others

The control unit is the control unit

, and it is abbreviated as CU, and this basic component of the central processing unit is responsible for fetching the instructions entered into the computer and stored in the main memory, where it in turn decodes them for implementation, and ultimately works to carry the results and transfer them to The main memory in the computer after being processed in the CPU registers