20- Tourism in Morocco charming destinations


20- Tourism in Morocco charming destinations

Tourism in Morocco is an active sector, unlike many countries. This is due to the fact that some countries have similar rituals and atmospheres, and others are located in the corner of excellence. You will not feel its true beauty if you do not set foot on its land; Just like the state of Morocco, which inspires its visitors with all its geographical, climatic or heritage details

Tourism in Morocco is a mobile sector that knows the influx of huge numbers of tourists every year, and this is due to the state’s interest in the sector, with the availability of many attractions in Morocco such as the climate and geographical diversity, without forgetting the culture and heritage of Morocco, which is firmly rooted in the mind of every visitor and makes his travel experience a discovery Not just for a view, but for a rich and unique heritage

Morocco is a tree whose roots are planted in Africa and its leaves breathe the air of Europe.” This phrase was said by the late King Hassan II of Morocco, summarizing the importance of the geographical location of the Kingdom of Morocco as a country with roots in North Africa overlooking two sea fronts (Atlantic and Mediterranean) with a maritime border with Spain in the north

Tourism in Morocco
Tourism in Morocco

Perhaps the city of “Marrakesh”, the red city, is the most popular destination for travelers to Morocco as a well-known Moroccan destination, but this should not obscure the fact that there are other destinations that equal in its charm and beauty the city of Marrakesh; We invite you to discover 20 destinations


Tourism in Morocco will never be achieved in isolation from the city of palms, the red city of Marrakesh; Last year, it was able to rank as the sixth best tourist city in the world, and this is due to the tourism qualifications that the city provides, starting with its tourist attractions; such as Jemaa El Fna, Ourika, Koutoubia and El Manara, to the hotel facilities that are characterized by their high quality and authentic Moroccan service

In the markets and alleys of the old city of Marrakesh, you will feel yourself entered into a world of dazzling manifested in the form of traditional houses and traditional Moroccan industry available in all stores, and be sure that boredom will never set in, day or night Marrakech does not calm down


The capital of Sousse, as it is called, is one of the most beautiful cities in the south and includes the most beautiful beaches of Morocco and the world. Tourists see it as a haven on hot summer days to relax on its beautiful beach and enjoy the various activities that the city offers

The city, like Marrakech, knows a huge influx of tourists from all over the world, apart from its beach, the city center and the newly opened crocodile park are areas worth exploring in Agadir

3 Chefchaouen

On the beautiful Rif mountains, the “Jewel of the North” is visible in Chefchaouen. This city is considered an exception among the rest of the cities of the Kingdom of Morocco in the color of its blue and white houses


The city is characterized by calm and peace that will make every visitor extend his stay there, and it is a suitable destination for those who are tired of the noise of major cities
Chefchaouen was able to earn a place among the tourism cities in Morocco, which are known for the influx of tourists from all over the world


The spiritual capital of Morocco. It is considered one of the oldest and oldest cities in Morocco. It is known to contain scholars, craftsmen, imams and farmers. Fez is an authentic city where the fragrant heritage and Moroccan history is still lurking; It manifests itself in the alleys of the old city, the workshops of traditional artisans and the streets with traditional doors all decorated with carvings

Tourism in Morocco is diverse. The movement and vibrant life in Casablanca are matched by emotional and spiritual feelings that the visitor feels to the city of Fez


The beating heart of Morocco and the “economic capital” does not know silence and tranquility. It is considered the largest Moroccan city, and exploring its beauty will take you time. The beginning will be with the religious teacher Hassan II Mosque, the second largest mosque in the world, which was built on the sea, astonishes everyone who visits this The mosque is of Moroccan architecture and mosaics

The city reflects the face of tourism in modern and contemporary Morocco, including one of Africa’s largest shopping malls, the Morocco Mall, and the city’s distinctive streets that do not miss the Moroccan character


Miles away from Spain lies the “Bride of the Bougaz”, Tangier, which cannot be excluded from the tourist cities in Morocco. It is considered the sixth largest city in Morocco, characterized by its doors, towers, the Kasbah and cafes stretching on the Mediterranean coast, in addition to the Rumailat Forest and the legendary Grotto of Hercules


The capital of Morocco and the second largest city in the country. It is distinguished by its location on a large plain on the Atlantic Ocean, in the middle of which the Bouregreg River crosses. It is admired by all who visit it, which made it one of the most important tourism cities in Morocco

The city of Rabat offers its visitors many different tourist destinations, such as the Hassan Tower, the Kasbah of the Udayas and the historic city of Chellah. Most of the tourist attractions in Rabat are located in the city center and near the Bouregreg River


It is called the City of Winds because of the winds of the coast, and it has abundant sea faces. Essaouira is known for its walls, port and seagulls flying over it
The city is characterized by Portuguese, French and Berber architecture, with its streets overlapping and winding like labyrinths

Surf enthusiasts will find their shade in the city beaches (Cap Sim and Sidi Kaouki beaches)


The atmosphere of deserts and nights under the moonlight provided by the desert of Merzouga, this village in the middle of the sand dunes, where there are palm trees, olives, eucalyptus and beautiful landscapes

In addition to the therapeutic sand classes, Merzouga visitors have an appointment with tours of the golden sand dunes on camelback, and sessions of the sun and the night in a charming and inspiring atmosphere


This city, located on the northern coast of Morocco, is characterized by its calmness and artistic openness in the face of pedestrians for free, where the walls seem covered with drawings, in addition to displaying paintings signed by international artists for sale, and by the way, it is a favorite place for most international painters

between the valleys

In the arms of the picturesque nature of the Middle Atlas, there is an area between El Ouidane, which means between the two rivers (the Ubaid and Ansal rivers). This area allows its visitors to do many water activities, including kayaking and taking a tour to explore the region with windy degrees. It is safe to practice this hobby


The most famous thing about Dakhla is its beach, which is visited every year by the most important surfers, and the city has been classified as the best beach suitable for this sport

Dakhla is located in the far south of Morocco. It is calm and far from the hustle and bustle of major cities

Al Hoceima

It is not surprising that Morocco has the best and most beautiful beaches in the world. Its location overlooking two sea fronts contributed to this and made tourism in Morocco a pleasure, especially in the summer season

Al Hoceima or “the jewel of the Mediterranean” as some like to call it; It is located in the far north and is known for an unparalleled turnout for its wonderful beaches in the summer, from Moroccans as well as from European countries, especially France, Spain and Italy


Martell is considered the marine destination of the city of Tetouan, located on the northern coast of the Kingdom, and has high tourism qualifications embodied in its clean and warm beaches and facilities, and it is also prosperous with fishing


It is called the “Switzerland of Morocco” due to its structure, which is completely different from the rest of the cities of the Kingdom of Morocco. It was classified last year as the second cleanest city in the world, and includes within it the oldest cedar tree in Africa

A visitor to the city of Ifrane should not miss taking a picture with the iconic Ifrane lion in the city center, as well as taking a tour of the picturesque cedar forests, and exploring the Falls of the Virgin known as “Ain Vital”


Tourism in Morocco
Tourism in Morocco

Or the “White Dove” as it is called in relation to the dove statue erected in the heart of the city. This tourist city on the northern coast includes one of the finest and most beautiful resorts on the Mediterranean coast as
Cabo Negro, Marina Smir, and Tamuda Bay

These high-end resorts have attracted significant numbers of tourists from all over the world to the city, including celebrities and well-known personalities


An ancient Moroccan city whose tourist attractions reflect an important cultural heritage, starting with Bab Al-Mansour; The most famous landmarks of Meknes, along with the ancient city of Volubilis, which lies west of Meknes, is one of the masterpieces of Moroccan archaeological cities and has been registered among the World Heritage Sites classified by UNESCO

Ouzoud Falls

This charming site of the flow of waterfalls is located in the province of Azilal, close to the city of Marrakesh. The Ouzoud waterfalls rise by about one hundred and ten meters, and are known for the influx of tourists from both home and abroad

Its location came near breathtaking landscapes such as mills, orchards and green rivers


In the northeastern side of Morocco is the city of Saidia, which is considered a summer tourist destination par excellence thanks to its strategically located beach, and the diversity and quality of entertainment facilities made it a destination for families and families from different parts of the world

Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou

This Moroccan architecture is a heritage treasure, located 30 km from the city of Ouarzazate

A large number of Moroccan and foreign tourists make pilgrimages to this region, and various international directors flock to it to shoot their films and take advantage of the feature that stems from a history and ancient civilization