3- Breast augmentation its types


3- Breast augmentation its types

The breast is one of the signs of femininity and beauty for women, as it has a vital, important and very necessary role in the life of every woman. It is also the source of breastfeeding that helps nourish the child, provide him with affection and strengthen his connection with his mother, because the breast is one of the areas that consist of glands, and some changes also occur

During pregnancy and lactation, some problems may also appear that need to undergo a mammoplasty in one way or another, so in this article we will talk about all the different types of breast plastic surgery, the advice used before and after the surgery

?What is mammoplasty

Breast plastic surgery is one of the most important operations for the most important parts of a woman’s body, and the most sensitive to changes, and over the course of her life, many differences and developments occur according to the age stage, and physical activity, starting from the age of puberty to the age of marriage during which pregnancy and childbirth occur

, and the occurrence of breastfeeding after them. And so on, where some of these factors, or sometimes pathological conditions, can cause undesirable damage or changes in the appearance of the breast, and the solution is to resort to breast plastic surgery, which seeks to improve the shape and appearance of the breast as much as possible to obtain satisfaction The beautiful figure of the lady

Breast plastic surgery may be due to therapeutic goals, and there are other goals for breast plastic surgery, which are the formal or aesthetic goals that women seek to follow to obtain the desired appearance without the need for a health problem

Breast augmentation
Breast augmentation

Before mammoplasty
The sick person, before resorting to any surgical or non-surgical operations, needs to follow some of the advice and steps from doctors and specialists, before entering the operating room and after, and in the case of wanting to perform breast operations that include augmenting and reducing the size of the breast and tightening the sagging

so resort to a plastic surgeon To obtain the correct and sound medical information, for women wishing to undergo breast plastic surgery, before deciding to undergo the operation to avoid the failure of the operation or the occurrence of any side effects, including the following

Some measures must be taken for women wishing to undergo breast operations, including evaluating the patients’ history, the general health of their condition, and conducting the necessary necessary examinations determined by the doctor before starting the surgery, in order to ensure that there are no obstacles preventing undergoing breast operations

Discussing the expectations of the breast operation in terms of the size and appearance of the breast after undergoing the surgery, where a dialogue takes place to discuss between the doctor and the patient to reach an agreement in terms of the appropriate size for measurement and determining body dimensions

It is very important to take measurements and take pictures of the breast to determine the appropriate size through equations, and scientific measurements, which are done without the personal desires of the case, so that the breast operation does not result in undesirable results and appearance. And you should not hesitate to undergo breast reduction operations if the large size of the breast causes back pain, which may lead to pathological effects that cause damage to the cervical vertebrae

Patients who are about to undergo breast augmentation surgery must ensure the quality of the materials used in the breast augmentation process – silicone – and the country of origin, and not take the decision to start the surgery without verifying these data in order to ensure the safety of the operation condition and to avoid exposure to the forestry operation. to fail after making it

Types of breast augmentation surgery
Many women resort to undergoing breast plastic surgery; This is to obtain the beautiful appearance of the breast, and the chest appears sagging due to age, as the skin loses its elasticity, and its size may decrease or grow with the passage of time, which affects the woman’s self-confidence, and this requires resorting to breast plastic surgery and its types, what follow

breast augmentation surgery
Breast augmentation is one of the most prevalent cosmetic surgeries, there are many women who suffer from the problem of small breast size, and its size is not suitable for the size of the body, which makes the appearance unpleasant, and the chest may be small in size from the beginning and may decrease in size over time as a result of exposure For some factors

including pregnancy and breastfeeding, and in this case, women resort to breast augmentation operations to obtain a large breast commensurate with the size and shape of the body, by filling the chest according to the requirements of each woman with fillings of different sizes, shapes, and nature as well, and the doctor begins to implant that filler In the breast in three ways, above, or below, the chest muscle

And it is either around the place around the nipple, or at the bottom of the breast area through making an incision in the armpit area, and general anesthesia is used in most of this process, as this process is not specified for a certain age of women, but it is preferable to be performed after the girl’s growth is completed to become her body mature , That is, after the age of eighteen. As for the elderly, there is no specific age, but the woman must have good health through which she can perform the surgery

Breast augmentation with silicone is considered one of the most common breast plastic surgeries, in particular and other cosmetic operations in general, where women usually want to undergo surgery to compensate for the lost fullness of the breast size, which may occur as a result of aging, or undergoing many experiences in life that have the effect of On the breast

including from pregnancy and childbirth, and a change in body weight, or as a result of the presence of genetic reasons, where all women can undergo breast augmentation, provided that some of the characteristics are available, including the following

That the woman undergoing breast augmentation has a healthy and good health

Absence of risk factors or a serious, life-threatening health condition
Avoid having chronic diseases that prevent breast augmentation, such as diabetes and heart disease
Absence or occurrence of disturbances in blood pressure
Breast augmentation can be performed on women over 18 years of age or older

Performing a breast augmentation surgery for a woman who has positive expectations regarding the results of the operation, as well as specific goals
Maintaining the stability of the appropriate body weight, in order to make the woman one of the best candidates for the completion of the surgery
It is preferable for a woman who does not smoke, or who has stopped smoking for a sufficient period of time before resorting to the surgery, to undergo breast augmentation surgery

Get psychological stability and emotional stability to make the right decision to have breast augmentation surgery
When resorting to breast augmentation, local anesthetic is used in the hospital or doctor’s office, where the doctor first anesthetizes the patient, then makes predetermined surgical incisions

The incisions may be made under the armpit, under the chest fold, or around the areola of the breast It is done in an inconspicuous manner so as not to cause visible scars
The silicone implant is placed under or over the pectoral muscle directly behind the breast tissue, depending on the type and size of the silicone implant, and personal preferences, then the doctor works to close these surgical incisions, and also wraps the breasts with gauze and bandages

The doctor places tiny tubes that drain fluids under the skin areas. These tubes are distributed in the surgical incisions; This is to drain fluids and blood, which are present under the skin, resulting when undergoing surgery. The use of bandages, gauze, and a surgical bra helps reduce swelling and excessive absorption of fluids, and reduce the formation of hematomas, thus enhancing the speed and effectiveness of healing and the disappearance of bruises as well

Breast diseases and their treatment

Breast reduction surgery
Breast reduction is one of the necessary breast surgeries that many women resort to, who suffer from the problem of large breasts that are inconsistent with the shape and size of the body, which makes their appearance inconsistent, and can cause the emergence of many health problems that cause neck pain. , and pain in the shoulder, and back

When performing a breast reduction surgery, excess skin is removed, and breast tissue along with fat is removed, making the shape and appearance of the breast smaller, and this process helps to tighten and lift the sagging breasts

Breast augmentation
Breast augmentation

When performing a breast reduction surgery, excess skin is removed, and breast tissue is removed along with fat, which makes the shape and appearance of the breast smaller, and this process helps to tighten and lift the sagging breasts

In the process of reducing the size of the chest, a general anesthetic is used most of the time, as it uses special surgical techniques that work to protect the tissues and protect the blood flow to the entire chest, including the nipple area
After the breast reduction surgery is over, custom bandages are placed that fit the size of the scars so that no complications occur

In the process of breast reduction, you need the following

Women who have very large breasts resort to breast reduction surgery, in order to solve some of the problems related to this matter, including chronic pain in the back, neck and shoulder areas, where they need palliative drugs that relieve pain, and the presence of chronic skin rashes or the occurrence of Skin irritations under the breast areas, nerve pain, and difficulty wearing bras and clothes as a result of the large breast size

But breast reduction surgery should be avoided in general if the woman is a smoker, or has health conditions who suffer from some diseases, such as diabetes or heart problems, and the presence of excess body weight and obesity, and the absence of scars on the breasts

You can have breast reduction surgery at any age, and it may be performed in adolescence, but if the breasts are not fully developed, the woman may require breast surgery again at a later time

Laser breast lift surgery
Breast lift is a cosmetic procedure that helps restore and treat sagging and drooping breasts, which appears as a result of the different causes that result in the appearance of the breast in this way. The laser breast lift procedure is suitable for women who are afraid of sensitive nipples or breastfeeding problems that follow the normal breast surgery process. The occurrence of the risk of complications, and we will talk about the most obvious reasons for resorting to laser breast lift surgery, including the following

Most women seek beauty, femininity and attractiveness through the very famous breast lift, which is also a cosmetic reconstructive treatment that does not require general anesthesia and does not take much time, which leads to a feeling of comfort and reassurance for the patient, because most women suffer from Surgical procedures

Breast sagging in women appears as a result of the presence of many common problems, including the appearance of signs of aging such as aging, where drooping and sagging occur in the breasts as a result of the stretching of the skin and the appearance of signs of aging, and pregnancy and breastfeeding are among the main causes of sagging breasts, as the tissues begin to expand the breast as a result Breastfeeding causes the breasts to lose their natural shape

Breast cancer, or respiratory diseases, causes sagging of the breasts, because it causes a great weakness in the cells and the structure of the internal organs of the body, and thus the breasts lose support greatly.
Excessive consumption of nicotine, alcohol, and soft drinks, which causes the appearance of early signs of aging of the skin and thus the occurrence of sagging and drooping of the breasts

The duration of the laser breast lift operation ranges for approximately two hours, where the operation is performed under general anesthesia, so that the sick woman does not feel any pain, as the doctor cleanses and sterilizes the breast and the breast can be lifted by getting rid of excess skin, and tightening the surrounding tissues

This is to reshape and support the breast tissue, and if the sagging breast lift is part of the breast augmentation process, the doctor will use breast implants by inserting them inside the surgical incision, and placing them in the desired place, then the doctor will use laser light on the outer layer of tissue to support These tissues are strengthened

After mammoplasty
After breast augmentation, women usually return to work and routine activity after breast augmentation surgery, after a period of three to five days

Seek assistance and seek help from a close relative for the first 24 to 72 hours
Avoid lifting heavy objects for six weeks, and not even lift children
Commitment to taking medications that help reduce pain and discomfort after completing the surgery

It is necessary to wear a medical bra after completing the breast augmentation process for a few days, then replace it with elastic sports bras for a period of 3 months, and you should avoid wearing regular bras, especially those containing metal parts
Over-the-counter painkillers can be taken
Buying prescription medications, painkillers, and medications before undergoing surgery

Buy anti-nausea and anti-nausea medications
Get adequate rest and sleep for sufficient time
Relax in a quiet room, comfortable bed and pillows
Preparing healthy meals before surgery to get them easily, and not to spend a lot of time and fatigue in cooking food after the first day of the operation
Regular eating of healthy foods, and drinking a large amount of water

eating soft and light foods; This is due to the lack of nausea that appears due to anesthesia, and a feeling of loss of appetite for eating
Getting healthy foods in an easy way, to enhance processing, and get the body the necessary energy
Drink plenty of water and fluids

Breast augmentation goals
Women seek to undergo breast plastic surgery to obtain beauty and consistency in the body, and among these goals are to achieve the following goals

Making the appearance of the breasts tight and not flabby, and obtaining a harmonious athletic body, because the chest is the main part for obtaining beauty, consistency and attractiveness for the shape and appearance of the body

Choosing a skilled doctor with strong experience in plastic surgery to perform breast plastic surgery, because the place of this operation is sensitive and errors must be avoided, as it is not permissible for a woman to search for the amount of payment for the operation only without seeking the presence of a skilled doctor with sufficient experience to complete this operation

Searching for the right medical center that has the latest equipment to ensure the success of breast augmentation operations and to obtain effective results for this operation