5- How to become a football player


5- How to become a football player

The love and passion for the game

The desire and passion for the sport of football is one of the first basic things that must be met by a person who wants to become a football player, as feeling the passion for this game will help the player to overcome any bad periods that he may go through during the course of his life. His football career,[1] and to increase the feeling of love for this sport and develop a passion for it

a person must surround himself with many people who support his dream and who believe in his ability to become a good player in the world of football, and the most important of these people is the coach who trains the player; Playing under a good coach increases the player’s sense of self-confidence, and an experienced coach helps increase the player’s desire for the game more

soccer player
soccer player

Mathematical Intelligence

The major part of the game of football depends on the player’s intelligence and exceptional mathematical thinking. Where players must think quickly and make appropriate decisions according to the course of play, and this also includes the player’s ability to choose the best options before he gets the ball and while he keeps it, and the player’s sporting intelligence gives the advantage over his opponent

which is to play faster than him and make him ahead in his thinking With a step and at least one move away from his competitors, by dribbling and passing according to his insightful vision of the players’ locations on the field

Fitness Physical

fitness is a critical factor in the sport of football. Therefore, it is one of the most important things that a person must possess to be a good player, as this sport requires a good physical level that qualifies the player to keep up with playing over the course of ninety minutes, and the player must have agility, strength, good flexibility and the ability to run continuously, and fitness is not limited to The player has basic skills such as running and running speed, it also includes his fitness in aerobic games

Such as jumping and shooting the ball with the head, and specialized scientific studies indicate that the player’s fitness does not affect only his physical ability; Rather, it greatly affects his mental and intellectual ability; Players usually tend to make technical and tactical mistakes when they are feeling physically tired and tired

Quick Reaction

It is important for a player to have a quick reaction in football. Although the physical speed of the player is important, having a quick reaction to different playing situations may be more important; This skill enables him to read the next move he must take across the field

This skill is especially important for goalkeepers; Those who have to show a quick reaction to many different situations such as the sudden shot and the location of the ball and the players. competitors

Speed ​​

Speed ​​is one of the most important things that any footballer must have. As this sport requires continuous running in the areas of the field throughout the duration of the match, and therefore the player’s possession of a good speed enables him to get rid of the control of the opponent’s players, and speed in football does not require merely the ability to run quickly while not in possession of the ball; The player must be able to run quickly while the ball is with him as well

, and this may be difficult without the player having the ability to dribble opponents and get rid of them, and the importance of speed in football is not limited to attacking players only; As the back line players need such skill to prevent the opposing team’s players from overtaking them

Leadership spirit For the team captain

, the team official or what is known as the team captain must have a leadership spirit that enables him to lead his teammates during and outside the match. The team captain acts as a link between the coach and the players; As it communicates the players’ problems to the coach, and on the other hand, it guides the players on how to implement the coach’s tactical plans on the field, and it should be noted that the coach should leave room for the team players to choose their leader themselves

Possession of football skills

There are many football skills that a football player must possess, as follows: Dribbling: This skill is of great importance in possession of the ball, and the dribbling skill is to control the ball while running with it and kick it with an appropriate amount of force so that It remains in the player’s possession, and the player must be able to dribble at different speeds


A player who has the skill of passing is characterized by being able to deliver the ball accurately to the place he wants across the field, and in order to achieve accuracy during passing, it is recommended to kick the ball using the inner foot of the leg as a first step to master passing for novice players, and passing the ball is linked to the ability to anticipate The position of the player to whom the ball is to be passed and then placed near him so that you are one step away from him

soccer player
soccer player


The skill of shooting the ball towards the goal is one of the most important skills that a football player must possess. Especially if the player is close to the opposing team’s goal area, where he must at that moment shoot the ball accurately to the goal


The skill of defense is one of the skills that are no less important than other skills in the game of football, which must be possessed by players from different positions and positions. This skill allows the player to prevent the opponents’ attackers from reaching the team’s goal. On the ball only without paying attention to the deceptive movements that the attacking player may make