5- Your character from your blood type


5- Your character from your blood type

Personality based on blood type

Below are the personal characteristics based on a person’s blood type

Personal characteristics of people with blood type (A)

Blood type (A) is associated with a number of positive traits such as creativity, intelligence and cooperation, and its holders have distinctive social qualities that make them true friends, they are kind, friendly and emotional and among their negative traits are shyness, stubbornness and tension and other characteristics are also what It follows




Good manners

can be trusted

character from your blood
character from your blood

Personal characteristics of people with blood type (B)

It is believed that people with blood type (B) have distinctive qualities such as strength, creativity, openness, kindness and firmness. but they have a number of negative qualities, most notably selfishness, irregular behavior. impatience, and excessive independence. among their other characteristics as well. What follows





intensity of focus


love joy

Personal traits of people with blood type (AB)

The personality traits of AB blood type holders are a mixture of those of blood type (A) and (B), which gives AB blood type holders a bit of contradiction. , but what distinguishes them is that they are flexible personalities that are not difficult to deal with, easy to adapt and overpowered by rationality, and among their other characteristics are also the following

they can be trusted



Caring for others

Personal traits of holders of blood type (O)

It is believed that holders of blood type (O) are characterized by confidence, determination, will, flexibility and strength of intuition, but they have a number of negative aspects such as selfishness and aggression, and trying to impose their opinion on others sometimes. Among their other characteristics are the following


strong intuition


The vineyard



Unpredictability of his actions

kind hearted

blood type personality theory

The idea of ​​determining the personality of people based on their blood type dates back to a Japanese theory called Ketsueki-Gata. This theory seeks to determine the personal characteristics of individuals based on physiological factors, most notably blood type. This theory first appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century and in 1929 specifically However, it is not yet proven in the scientific community

Japanese Professor Tokeji Furukawa was the first to present this theory in a paper entitled “A Study on Temperament and Blood Groups”, where he linked in this research between characters and their blood type, and based his research on preliminary statistics on small population samples

In the seventies of the last century, the Japanese researcher and journalist Masahiko Nomi conducted a report entitled “Understanding the Affinity of Blood Type.” His research included data based on multiple methodologies such as questionnaires, surveys, observation, and statistical analysis. blood diseases that can infect humans, and his research has been severely criticized; Due to his lack of competence

What are the characteristics of blood type O

What are the characteristics of blood type O-? Blood type O- has unique characteristics, and these characteristics are: Universal donor: or universal donor, and these terms all indicate that people with blood type O- can donate blood And give red blood cells to any patient who will need them, regardless of the blood type of the donor

Emergency shelter: based on the fact that blood type O- is the universal donor; It is used in emergency and trauma cases when the patient’s blood type is unknown, and it is also used frequently with infants, and people with sickle cell anemia

Distinctive personality traits

Some people believe that their blood type may predict some of their traits, the secrets of their personalities, and perhaps their compatibility with others. South Korea and Japan are among the countries with a culture that believes in these legends, despite the lack of scientific evidence to prove this. Despite the strange link between blood type and personality; However, some believe that there is evidence to support the idea that there are common characteristics between people with the same blood type, and blood type O is considered the first blood type inherited from the ancestral bloodline, and its bearers may share the following traits

Does donating blood weaken the immune system?

Possess a large amount of natural energy. Strong self-awareness compared to other blood types. Self-commitment to higher standards compared to the other blood groups combined, based on the results of data collected on the characteristics of blood groups. Strong leadership skills. Strong ability to focus

Frequently asked questions about the O-blood type There are many frequently asked questions about the O- blood type, and they are mentioned and answered in detail. How is blood type O-determined? Blood type O- is determined if the following are met: Absence of the Rhesus factor, or RhD in short. Absence of any type of antigen in the plasma. Presence of both types A and B antibodies in plasma

character from your blood
character from your blood

To understand the matter more, it is necessary to know that the blood type is one of the traits carried on the genes and inherited from both parents, and in general what determines the type of blood type is the product of the combination of the two systems: ABO, which expresses the blood groups (A, B, AB, O ), and the Rh system type, positive or negative, so that the end result is the presence of eight groups of blood families

?Is blood type O rare

Determining the rarest blood type around the world is difficult, and this is due to the link between blood groups and genetics, which means that the prevalence of a type varies greatly in several regions around the world. , while the O+ blood type is the most common,[8] the percentage of people with type O- blood relative to all donors is about 13%, meaning that about one out of every seven people carries type O blood

?Why is it important for people with type O blood to donate blood

People with type O-blood have the ability to give blood to everyone, and this will save many lives, and the person will save himself in case he needs blood at some point, as this will also ensure that there is a good stock of O-blood available if you call for it One day, although this type is a universal donor, it cannot receive blood from other blood types