6- Definition of the psychological complex


6- Definition of the psychological complex

?Psychological knots: from where do they come

Some people around us are often described as psychologically complex people, due to some of the behaviors that he performs or the presence of some contradictions in his life

Definition of the psychological knot

The psychological knot is defined as an idea or a group of interconnected ideas that are partially or completely repressed by a person, and these thoughts are interconnected with a specific emotion, and they are in conflict with a group of other ideas accepted by the individual, and it is described as a subconscious preparation that the individual does not pay attention to Its existence and its origin or origin is unknown

and all that he feels is the effects of this knot in his behavior, feeling and body, and these effects are the anxiety that overwhelms him or the doubts that he has, and physical disorders of psychological origin and people who feel the existence of a complex that they have is the result of what people say about them

Definition of the psychological
Definition of the psychological

Factors that lead to the emergence of the knot

are fear of a certain group of people. This knot usually arises in children when their parents threaten or intimidate them from a certain matter or a certain group of people, such as the doctor, the policeman or the teacher, and that is the desire of the parents for the child to calm down and stop Certain behavior or insistence on a particular request or to stop crying and screaming, he may have this psychological complex that leads him to continue to feel fear of all the people he was threatening, no matter how old and occupying prestigious positions

A single emotional shock or from repeated painful experiences in humans. For example, if a person in his childhood saw a dog suddenly attacking him or barking loudly, he may develop a psychological complex from dogs, or even the complex may develop into a fear of all animals and even after he grows up, the fear He will be seized by just seeing a dog, cat or mouse, and it is worth noting that what a person shows of fear in those times is not voluntary

Deprivation of a specific need during childhood and the harsh method of education. When parents intimidate their children or make the child feel guilty and that everything he does is wrong, negative feelings of inferiority, guilt, anxiety and jealousy arise in the child, and some destructive emotions such as hatred and malice arise, which are feelings and emotions heavy on the soul. About it after you repress a knot or several knots after this child grows up and it becomes difficult to get rid of it

How to get rid of a psychological complex

Psychological knot

The term psychological knot appeared in its beginnings in the school of psychoanalysis; Whereas Sigmund Freud saw in the term knot a kind of easy words that cannot be abandoned in many situations, due to its role in collecting psychological facts in a descriptive framework

Previous psychological studies of Freud referred to the word knot within the study of experimental hysteria, and in general the term psychological knot is defined as a set of ideas, trends, and perceptions that have great emotional value, and are characterized by being unconscious in part or in all of its parts

The psychological knot is often formed during the periods and stages of growth that a person goes through in his childhood, and the psychological knot is defined as a behavioral phenomenon that has its independent existence and is generated as a result of repressive practices

Other definitions of the psychological complex are that they are systems and behavioral patterns that exist continuously and permanently, examples of which are the understanding of languages ​​and the possession of musical skills, and these patterns or behaviors remain continuous and always ready to launch

Indications of the existence of the psychological complex

Every psychological behavior has a set of features and characteristics, and complex psychological behavior is characterized by the presence of indications that indicate its presence in the person, and these indications represent two main features, namely

Exaggerated and excessive behavior: It is the emergence of complex behavior from nothing without The presence of any stimulus or minor details, and this results in severe and exaggerated reactions and intimidation to situations that do not need to be intimidated, and a set of compensatory reactions to the complex that the individual suffers from appear

Trivial, repetitive and subjective behavior: It is the emergence of complex behavior with a change in reactions according to situations and occasions. Shyness appears from the psychological side with the simultaneous emergence of all its limits. As for the individual who suffers from a superiority complex, the behavioral mechanism of his reactions remains fixed and performs the same role, This is shown if you focus on altered sensory content

Definition of the psychological
Definition of the psychological

How to get rid of the psychological complex

Psychology has studied the developmental history of the individual, which identifies the possible causes and causes of some wrong trends, which enhance the understanding of convictions and improper choices. It is possible for the individual to apply these methods to himself or to need specialists and counselors specialized in the fields of psychotherapy, and the following is a group of the most prominent of these methods

Invoking the will

: it is the individual’s support for himself in solving the problem he faces; Through the use of methods and strategies to control emotions and bad habits and not give in to them and let them control him. Highlighting spontaneity and spontaneity: It is a method that stimulates feelings that depend on accepting oneself as it is, and avoiding entering into internal conflicts with it, in addition to practicing relaxation and dealing with different situations as they are without going into and exaggerating their interpretations, and letting oneself free to move and interact without restrictions. Fake

Attacking complex behavioral distortions

: It is the role of the guide or specialist in direct proof of the illogical and reasonableness of behavioral distortions that lead to instilling complex behavior, by interpreting the trivial and exaggerated aspects of the reactions, and denying the facts implanted in the human imagination, and the individual may be able to use this Style with himself in times of absence of patterns of situations that provoke the complex psychological behavior he suffers from

Staying away from the appearance of the self in a different way: it is the individual’s survival in his original image, avoiding appearing in a different way from his original being, and keenness to adhere to honesty with the self in all areas of life

Giving the soul the opportunity to live the life stages

: that is, the individual maintaining the gradual pattern of the maturation process, and avoiding striving to progress rapidly in living his life stages. Staying away from shyness: it is the individual’s interest in building social relationships and getting to know new people in new environments on an ongoing basis, and searching for loving friends and people who exchange respect with those around them, meaning interest in maintaining constructive and healthy social relationships

Group or social therapy

: It is the treatment based on the meeting of a group of individuals in one treatment session; So that the members of this group jointly suffer from a psychological complex that is similar between them, and the group therapy sessions are controlled by the guide in an organized manner; This makes it easier for the individual to develop a process of self-understanding and awareness of the problems that other people suffer from, thus showing the individual the general picture of his self and nodal problems, in addition to opening the field of social interaction and the expansion of the circle of social relations


: It is the individual’s attempt to achieve several achievements and actions that help him to be proud of himself and his sense of his ability to achieve. Sitting with oneself honestly: It is the individual’s search for the truth about himself so that he can know who he is and what he feels, so that he can reach a better stage of understanding himself, defining his personal and self-identity, knowing his individual capabilities, and determining the achievements he has achieved

It is incumbent upon the individual to maintain his self-confidence, self-confidence, and belief in himself. Moving away from the comparison between the real self and the ideal image: it is the individual avoiding the application of any comparison between himself and the ideal image that he draws for it in his imagination, and the effects of obsessive cases of defects must be mitigated, not intimidating and ignoring them, and directing attention and focus to the advantages and positive features

Awareness of the psychological problem

It is one of the most important ways that the individual must implement, it is necessary to be aware and aware of the psychological problem he suffers from, and to acknowledge to himself its existence and its impact on him. Getting rid of self-concerns: It is the individual’s attempt to stay away from hiding behind his fears, and get out of the cycle of self-isolation; By challenging fear, facing reality, and ignoring the views of others towards it