6- soccer player traits


6- soccer player traits

Physical strength

The sport of football depends largely on the fitness and physical strength of the player; As the player needs to exert great physical effort throughout the match period; which may last over a period of one hundred and twenty minutes in the event that it extends to overtime, and the player must be strong and physically able on different levels and not only in terms of physical fitness that enables him to continue playing

Where the player needs to perform many physical movements that require physical strength; Such as jumping, shooting, and confronting other players,[1] and the player’s physical strength includes agility, balance and speed, and possessing this is one of the important things that distinguish one player from another, especially in the advanced stages of his football career

Mental toughness

The mental toughness and the ability to keep the player with pure mental abilities is one of the important things that must be characterized by a football player, and this matter becomes more important as the player moves to more professional levels of playing

As having the motivation that makes him insist on reaching advanced levels in this game, and the player must have the ability to accept criticism and respond to the instructions and advice issued by the coach to him, in addition to having the ability to assume the responsibilities that are placed upon him in this sport; Whether it’s on the field or off the field

soccer player traits
soccer player

Team play

The individual skills of a football player are essential and distinctive for him. But it is not enough to make him a complete player. Teams looking for new players are looking for a player who has qualities that enable him to work in a group in a homogeneous and harmonious manner without his presence being a burden on that group in which he plays

hence the importance of owning the player and his ability to work within a team. , And such a matter can be developed through playing the game with the team and training on some strategies and tactics that enhance the understanding of people within the group. Another thing that is recommended to enhance teamwork is the practice of group members for various activities outside the game to enhance their personal knowledge of each other; Like going on trips for example


A football player must have the sportsmanship that enables him to work well within his team group and allows him to respect other players in other teams, no matter how tense some matches may be; The player must be able to control his nerves in order to focus on the practice of fair play that is free from emotional behavior and obscene speech, and which is based on providing the best of the player

but the concept of fair play extends to include the player providing assistance to the players of the opposing team after committing any mistakes against them

Knowing the rules of the game

The football player must know the rules of the game and how to practice them accurately. The player must be fully aware of the duration of the match, the location of the players when the match begins, in addition to knowing the rules of penalty kicks and how to correctly implement the touch-kick, in addition to differentiating Between corner kicks, goal kicks, and any other laws in this sport

it is not enough for the player to be aware of the laws and rules of the game only, but he must be aware of the nature of the players’ positions in football, how they are positioned and take their positions and how to act in a manner Correct according to the course of play and according to the nature of the position occupied by the player

Intelligence and spherical awareness

The football player must be characterized by spherical intelligence and insight that enables him to fully understand the course of the game and understand its different tactics and strategy. Possession of such spherical intelligence is not something that comes through the daily exercises that the player exercises, but rather something that can be gained through experience

The player’s accumulated accumulation, which can be refined and increased by playing more matches and by watching matches that display different types of plans during which they are applied,[4] The concept of spherical intelligence or what is known as tactical awareness includes the player’s ability to assess risks and estimate the outcome of decisions he may take, In addition to his ability to visualize and understand the playing situations, the movements of the players, the ball, and other things that may happen on the field

Possession of technical skills

Possession of basic technical skills is one of the important things that a football player must possess, and these skills vary according to the player’s position on the field; For example, goalkeepers need skills that are different from those that must be mastered by any other player on the field, and the following shows some of the basic skills that a player must master in football


It is one of the most important technical skills that a football player must possess. It is the way in which a player can properly transfer the ball to any of his teammates


This skill enables the player to move the ball across the field of play and bypass the opposing team’s players


The shooting skill is one of the important skills that a football player must master. Because it is the main way to score goals in the game

soccer player
soccer player


This skill is linked to one of the football players’ positions, which is the team goalkeeper, which is the last line of defense to prevent the ball from entering the net

Feeling passionate about the game

Feeling the passion and love for the game of football is one of the important things that must be available in a football player who wants to reach professionalism; This love towards the game makes the player determined to move forward in this game and makes him able to overcome the challenges and obstacles that may stand in the way of his success and leave all the negative and difficult moments behind him