7- the secrets of a woman’s orgasm

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7- the secrets of a woman’s orgasm

What is orgasm in women? And what are its types? How can a woman reach orgasm? These details and more can be found in the article

Let’s get acquainted in the following with the most important information and details about orgasm in women

Introduction to female orgasm
Orgasm in a woman is not only a physical process or a process related to sexual relations, but is related to the sensory and emotional experience of the woman herself, so when any woman wants to feel an orgasm, she must be calm, relaxed, and confident

It was found that a woman’s orgasm is not only caused by physiological arousal, as physiological arousal is a secondary component in this process, but it occurs first in the brain, which is why many women find it difficult to reach an orgasm

?How can a woman orgasm be achieved

Despite the prevailing thinking, every woman can achieve orgasm alone and she does not need a man for this purpose, as she does not need to know what a man thinks about her and what he feels about her, all that a woman needs to reach orgasm is to love herself and her body And as mentioned earlier, she should be calm and relaxed so that she can enjoy the orgasm


Women who have to fake their orgasms just to please their partner are causing themselves more and more frustration, and they miss out on the great pleasure of sexual intercourse

To avoid this situation, a woman must take care of herself, either by loving herself and her body, or by telling her partner her desires and what she loves

Types of orgasms

There are two types of orgasms in women

Clit Orgasm

The first type of orgasm in a woman is the clitoral orgasm, as the function of the clitoris is a woman’s enjoyment, as it contains more than 80,000 nerve terminals, and when it is aroused, its blood vessels expand, the genital organ is filled with blood, and the pelvic muscles tighten, so the brain translates what is happening. as sexual arousal

The clitoral orgasm consists of several peaks so that every woman experiences it differently, as the more excitement the clitoris contour becomes more moist, so that the clitoris turns red and swollen, and the happy ending comes in the form of an orgasm in the woman

G-spot jerk

This point is practically a small mass of nerve terminals located in the area of ​​urination in a woman

The excitement at this point can be felt in two ways


Create arousal at a certain point in the vagina
The strange thing is that researchers are not sure of the existence of this point in the first place, but it is known that there are women who are more sensitive than other women in the vaginal area, and therefore they feel arousal from this area and better

To feel the orgasm of a woman at the G-spot, it is important that she be aroused before that by fondling the clitoris or by mutual foreplay with the partner

The moment a woman is aroused, the G-spot will protrude from the vagina, and when aroused by an external factor, such as: the penis, the woman will begin to feel orgasm

It is important to note here that sometimes this feeling causes a woman to want to urinate, and this is very normal, as this shows that the man seems to be doing the task perfectly, and if the woman is relaxed and still, this feeling of urination ends by itself

But what happens is that when a woman’s orgasm reaches its climax, she sometimes ejaculates a clear, odorless liquid

Ways to have intercourse: the most important information
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In the following article, we will talk about the most important information related to the methods of sexual intercourse for men and women

Gaps and differences between men and women exist in many areas of life, even in the ways of having intercourse

Methods of having intercourse

The differences lie in the different physical structure of men and women and social upbringing, but generalizing that there are differences between men and women with regard to the ways of having intercourse may unfair many women and men, precisely because many women desire more sex and are more manly on the one hand. Others There are quite a few men whose sexual relationship is as directly and powerfully linked to passion as women

However, we tried to find out the difference in the ways of having intercourse between the sexes, and we wanted to examine the differences in the factors of arousal for men and women, as sexologists explained that there is a fundamental difference between men and women in terms of sexual desire

Methods of having intercourse for men

Men have a higher level of testosterone, so they may want to have sex all the time, and it is worth noting that specialists have explained that a man’s passion appears during sex, and in order for a man’s passion to appear, he needs to have sex, and after sex, the man becomes more open in terms of Emotional, and the sexologist adds that men’s strong sexual desire may make their fantasies focus only on sex

Methods of having intercourse for women

The methods of having intercourse for women are different from men, due to the menstrual cycle, which has a significant role in changing the levels of the body’s hormones, as there are days when they have increased sexual desire, and there are days when there is a decrease in sexual desire, and there are women who suffer from hormonal problems. So that their sexual desire is high all the time, and there is the opposite

Sexual desire in women is usually also related to the man with whom they have sex and the methods of intercourse. If a man knows how to caress and give love and looks in the eyes and appreciates, he can arouse women more, but there are also men whose sexual desire is strong and makes them act instinctively and not From the point of view of love, and this is what may alienate women from it

Sexual arousal in men and women

It is assumed that there is a fundamental difference between men and women in the way sexual desire is aroused. In men, physical attraction works, that is, when seeing a beautiful girl, excitement and erection occur, but in women it is not yet known how the mechanism works and how sexual arousal occurs

Specialists also agree and say that sex in men is an instinct. A man is always ready to have sex and is easily aroused. In women, sex is a reaction, meaning a reaction to the psychological and emotional process that you go through after getting to know a man

The difference in foreplay before sex
Sex therapists believe that men need foreplay less. In men, the focus is on the sexual organs, and they go directly to their sexual organs and their wives’ sexual organs. In contrast, women focus more on the parties until women reach the sexual organs that need long foreplay

Also, for women, foreplay is more important to reach the state of sexual arousal, while for men, all these things are usually less important, and men may tend to skip the stage of foreplay because they want to enter to satisfy their lust


The effect of the general atmosphere on the methods of intercourse
Women need a suitable atmosphere to engage in the sexual process, such as dim lighting, music, and they want the husband to be clean and perfumed, women are multitaskers, they can think of a thousand things during sex, yet they enjoy it

But in men everything works more simply, they do not need a special atmosphere, and this is a plus for them, and they also do not need a suitable atmosphere as much as women need to have an erection and sexual arousal

?How do the differences between men and women affect the marital relationship

Theoretically, in most cases, a man wants to have sexual intercourse from the first meeting and even before his marriage, while women do not do that, and men want intercourse because the girl likes her in terms of her external appearance, but women usually do not agree to accept the man if they think that the man does not suit them. Even if it looks beautiful in their eyes

The differences between a man and a woman in terms of sexuality, and in everything else in life can affect three different ways

break up the relationship
Conflicts within the relationship
The spouses have a mature dialogue, at the end of which they come to a compromise

Natural ways to enhance sexual arousal between spouses
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The sexual relationship between spouses needs many things to enhance it, and natural ways can be resorted to to enhance sexual arousal between spouses, we will introduce you to them in the following

Some couples may resort to drugs and sexual stimulants in order to obtain happiness temporarily during the intimate relationship, and they do not know that these drugs have health risks in the future. Therefore, attention and focus should be given to natural ways to enhance the sexual relationship between spouses

Natural ways to enhance the sexual relationship between spouses
Here is a group of natural ways to enhance the sexual relationship between spouses without harming health in the following

Eat stimulating foods
There are a group of foods that help stimulate the feeling of sexual desire between spouses, as it

Citrus fruits rich in vitamin C, which also contain antioxidants, improve sexual performance

Avocados are useful for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, as they contain vitamin E with antioxidant properties, potassium, and vitamin B6, which are important to overcome sexual problems
Almonds are one of the most important food items that are useful in enhancing desire between spouses.

They contain selenium, which helps treat infertility, as well as zinc, which contributes to the production of sex hormones in men
It is preferable not to eat too much of some foods that weaken sexual desire, such as: foods that contain a large proportion of saturated fats and cholesterol, such as fatty meat, fried foods, and fast food in general
It is recommended to eat dark chocolate before having sex because of its great importance in arousing lust and a feeling of happiness

. Playing sports
Many people ignore exercise despite its great importance in obtaining the activity and energy needed for all tasks, including the practice of intimacy, as it

Exercise increases the feeling of sexual arousal as it helps in the blood flow to the genital nerves, thus enhancing the erection process in a man
Sport contributes to relieving stress, tension and anxiety and improving the mood, which the spouses rely heavily on to strengthen the relationship between them

Exercising greatly helps in treating sexual problems, such as: coldness, impotence, as well as the problem of premature ejaculation
Endurance sports are among the most prominent sports that promote the production of hormones that stimulate sexual ability, such as: running, swimming, and to improve the mood and psychological state, yoga and Pilates are recommended

Pay attention to the time of intimacy

Among the natural ways to enhance the sexual relationship between spouses is to pay attention to the timing of the intimate relationship, as this special relationship between the spouses must be prioritized and not neglected or neglected

Sometimes the couple’s preoccupation with work or caring for their children leads to the postponement of the sexual relationship time and time again until the spouses get used to the absence of this practice as a basis in their lives

Many factors fall under this, such as: getting enough sleep so that the couple does not feel lazy, not inclined to sexual encounter, as well as organizing time so that they have time for this practice

Simple things that help increase sexual desire
In addition to natural ways to enhance the sexual relationship between the spouses mentioned above, there are some simple things that increase the feeling of sexual desire between spouses, namely

Maintain personal hygiene, as each of the spouses must pay attention to personal hygiene well, as lack of hygiene leads to aversion, and perfume has a great effect in increasing the excitement between the spouses
Get massage sessions, where a body massage using essential oils helps stimulate blood circulation in the body, thus enhancing sexual arousal

Talking with the partner and strengthening the life relationship, the sexual relationship cannot become ideal without a permanent dialogue and participation in all life matters between the spouses
Create a romantic atmosphere at home, such as: decorating the bedroom with candles and perfuming them. This atmosphere increases romance and love between spouses and leads to a better sexual relationship

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