your donations is our life 1 dollar


your donations is our life 1 dollar

hi everyone and every human being who cares about others and shares their feelings and their emotions also heir sadness and their happiness . life becomes so difficult especially when person doesn’t have money or even a place to sleep or to live . It becomes more difficult when we live in a place where sky is our blanket and land is our bed

I am a person who suffers hunger homeless jobless and aged . My family is six members even what life needs to live I cannot offer . And what makes makes it more difficult and miserable is earthquake and backpain whom I suffer both of them . My children are underage they cannot work . Therefore I have to offer them everything

or what they need

But I cannot because of the bad circumstances as I mentioned above

This is the reality . I hope every person understand me . I am nor a beggar but circumstances forced me

because of that I an writing to tell you to help me by you donations . I don’t need money for the sake of money but to help my family . I am full of hope that every one reads this article is going to help me just each person one dollar . one dollar is nothing but for me it means a lot

Also I hope to share this article with your friend and your relatives

please you can find the link of the wallet at the end of he articles

this is the link of the wallet

As you can see there is no pictures are added to the text this is because it touches my feeling and my emotions

please when you read this article think of me and my children

I am honest

please share this wit your friends for the sake of humanity and for the sake of God

Thank you so much

your donations is our life your one dollar makes our life

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