1- 10 Best Budget Apps to Manage Your Expenses


1- 10 Best Budget Apps to Manage Your Expenses

Best budget apps for Android and iOS
The following are the best personal finance apps for iPhone and Android that come packed with many features. Every app is reviewed by us in-depth and to make it clear to you, we have even mentioned the category for the same

You Need A Budget (YNAB) – Best money management app

You Need A Budget helps you stay within the confines of your income and understands that everyone has a budget constraint. The best budget app does not advise you to think or plan for different ways to earn something extra. It instead helps you analyze your budget and plan practical ways to deal with your expenses and mitigate financial issues if they crop up

The app is a brilliant personal finance manager that helps you manage every penny. The app’s usefulness lies in the fact that it has helped its users clear off their debts with proper planning and account management

Also, it has the option of taking up online classes that coach you on budgeting and planning expenditure. Therefore, if you do not have the skills to use the app or plan your budget with its help, reach out for live coaching

Features of the best budget app

Connect all the accounts in one place
Detailed, visual spending and trend reports
Real-time access to all the budget data across multiple devices
Match up imported transactions and more

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Wally – Best money-saving apps

More often than not, we indulge in buying splurge and then forget to record it. By the end of the month, when we have nothing substantial left, we are left wondering about where all the money went. Here comes the role of the Wally app in managing the expenses

Wally is one of the best finance tracking apps and is the right platform if you loathe entering in your expenditure manually. The app shall do the job for you if you take pictures of the receipts. You, therefore, do not need to work your brain up thinking where you have spent your money. Keeping track of your expenses is pretty easy with this app, and it helps you keep your finances organized

To make it easier for the users, the app also has a simple plan that can help individuals and families in three steps

Understanding of the users’ pre-crisis spending
Following a budget to increase savings during the crisis. For those that have lost income, what to do about creditors
Post-crisis recovery and returning to normalcy


Features of free finance app

Finance insight charts for better understanding
Helps in improving the net income over time
Syncs all the accounts in one place
Keeps track of foreign currency accounts and more

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PocketGuard – Best expense tracker app

PocketGuard is an app that comes in quite handy for those who are newbies to investing. If you want to earn the ropes of investing or if the stock market piques your interest, you could keep a daily tab on the news about the investing market at PocketGuard

The app furnishes you with market information cut down to the minute and thus, keeps you updated and enlightened. What you do with all the information coming your way is your choice. You get to call the shots regarding investments

Features of the best expense tracker app

Commission-free investment
Offers real-time market data
Cutting-edge security measures to protect investor assets
Collaboration with top banks and more

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EveryDollar – Best spending tracker app

EveryDollar is probably one of the most interesting apps that have made their way into the list. It is a boon to humankind in the most real sense of the word. Once you’re connected to the best money management app, it automatically invests wisely in a low-cost ETF by taking into account your risk preference

Once you have made a purchase with your card, and are connected to the app, it rounds up the expenditure and invests the difference in the ETF

Features of the best personal finance app

Automatically invest the spare change from everyday purchases
Articles and videos from financial experts
No low-balance or overdraft fees and free or fee-reimbursed ATMs nationwide
256-bit encryption, and more

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Catch Benefits – Best spending tracker app

Need to get your spending on track but not sure where to start? Catch Benefits is among the best money management apps that offer personal benefits to the modern worker with integrated savings, investments, and insurance and also receive tailored plans based on your needs. It is one of the best budget apps that make the best recommendations in health insurance, tax withholding, retirement, and paid time off

Catch Benefits helps you with security, confidence, and gives you the freedom to take risks. It also offers full coverage with all new safety net, all in one place

Features of this app

Receive expert advice that helps you save more, lose less
Custom plans tailored to your needs and requirements
Get smart updates
Coverage and policy tracking
Helps you plan in advance for regular co-pays or unexpected medical costs

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Goodbudget – One of the good budgeting apps

If you are up for investing your hard-earned money to make some assets, then the Goodbudget app is best for you. With this app, the user gets customized advice tailored specifically to the set goals

Apart from the investment advice, the app works similarly to other financial management apps and tracks all the financial details. The app offers unlimited withdrawals too, with no fees and no minimum balance

Features of the good budgeting apps

Free online money tools
Insight-driven advisory
Personalized portfolio management
Fiduciary advice with transparency and more

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Honeydue – Best Couple Budget App

Honeydue is a popular digital budget platform for couples, and now we have its app. The app is ideal for tracking bills and other documents between couples and managed finances. Integrate the app with your banking system and get multiple benefits

Features of this app

Integrate with banks
Easy bookkeeping
Allows to share bills and other documents
Helps in managing finances

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Mvelopes – Best Budget App

If you have multiple accounts and find it tough to hold all your transactions together, it’s time to opt for the Mvelopes. Mvelopes brings all the bills and financial activities into a single platform. The user only needs to feed all the bills into the app, and the app automatically tracks the due date of all the payments

For more ease, the user can even schedule payments. The app has over 11k billers that include both larger banks and smaller utility companies

Features of best finance budget app

Track bills, monthly expenses, money & debt
Bill pay alerts and bill reminders
Bill calendar & payment calendar view
256-bit AES encryption, and more

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Goodbudget – Best Overall Budget Planner

Goodbudget is one of the apps that help you save money and offers the best financial management and every financial assistance. Due to its features and functionalities, we consider it as the friendliest and easiest apps to manage finances

You can connect all your bank accounts and cards, and keep your bills in one place. Goodbudget sends you reminders regarding your due dates for paying bills, while also allowing you to create and follow a budget

Features of the top personal finance app

Track bills right alongside the account balances
Create a budget for the user
Push notifications for the payment reminders
Sync the bank accounts, credit cards, budgeting, and more

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Venmo – Best Cost-Splitting App

Bill splitting is something that every one of us needs to do, and it can sometimes leave you just clueless. Due to the same reason, Venmo is quite popular with millennials. It quickly calculates all the spending and shares the due amount with everyone who is in the group

The interface of the app is similar to that of Paypal but is different from it in many ways. One such USP of this app is its ability to share and like payments through the social feeds. The transaction limit of Venmo is set at $299.99

Features of best personal finance app

Tracking and sharing on all the expenditures
Easy money transfer
Split the spending the share with friends
Encrypts all the transactions and more

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These are the best financial management apps that must find a place on your smartphone. These apps that help you save money, made it so easy for us to become smart about our money that you no longer have to worry about entering your expenditure manually, or calculate your debts and then wonder at the end of the day how all your earnings disappeared into thin air

Get your hands on these top finance apps of the year and make smart moves while handling the finances. We hope this article has helped you find what you were looking for. If you are an app owner and want to get your app reviewed, get in touch with MobileAppDaily