1- ways to make profits by working on the Internet


1- ways to make profits by working on the Internet

There are many job opportunities and profit from the Internet today, as the Internet has become one of the main sources of income for a wide range of people! And if you are not one of them yet, you are not taking advantage of one of the most powerful money-making tools that exist in this era. So if you aspire to make a financial income from the Internet, you will need nothing more than a computer, a web connection, a clear goal, as well as the ability to stay focused and persistent

The amount of profits depends on the type and style of work, starting from the first level, which does not need little skills, but its profits are modest and even meager. Passing to the second level, which needs specific skills, and here can achieve reasonable profits, up to the third level, which requires investing experience and effort together, and sometimes investing money as well, before actually starting to make profits, but the returns at this level are great if you master the game correctly

In this we will go over the first-level methods that will only make you a few cents or dollars, and we will focus only on the popular methods within the second and third levels

First: Methods that require specific skills and generate good income

Sell Products

You can sell all kinds of products online, you can access the sources of these products from the famous e-commerce site Ali express, and resell them on eBay, amazon or build your own online store on the Shopify platform or other e-commerce outlets

Selling services and performing tasks

profits by working on the Internet

Many people now have been able to profit from the Internet by selling their services and skills (writing, design, programming, content creation, developing websites and smartphone applications, etc.), and this can range from low-priced tasks through sites such as Fiverr and Fiverr. , to more expensive and accurate services such as Freelancer and Freelancer or through your own outlet for training or consulting


The demand for translation is increasing in this era, as there is no room for the need to translate documents, videos, texts or website content. There are many people and companies that need such a service, and it became easier with the help of translation websites or multiple service platforms. If you are fluent in a foreign language in addition to Arabic, this field gives you the opportunity to make a good income from the Internet

Ad texts

Copywriter is a modern profession and it will be in great demand in the foreseeable future, and it is a job opportunity for those who have the skill of writing and persuasion at the same time. Ad copy is the type of text that aims to convince someone to buy

The copywriter is basically the person who writes the texts that are able to achieve sales, and it is a marketing method as in the case of landing pages, marketing videos for products and so on

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing offers the opportunity to generate good income from the comfort of your home and is also called affiliate marketing. The idea is based on the principle of directing potential customers to specific offers (which could be buying a product, registering a site, participating in an educational course, and so on). But you will need to master digital marketing and learn affiliate marketing methods and techniques

Driving with Uber

If you want to make a quick profit from the internet, why not drive with Uber or Careem? You can easily make a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars a month. If you have a good car and a clean driving record. It is a good option if you meet the conditions

Rent a room or part of your home

Room rental has also become one of the ways to get money online. The holiday rental market is booming and Airbnb has created a huge industry in this area. (The house room rental service is not available through some of the sites mentioned in a number of Arab countries and you may find a local platform in your country)

Programming and Web Development

Programming and development is a profession in the age of the Internet and provides great opportunities. Look around you, you will find a lot of new people and startups looking for programmers and website developers! This may prompt you to think about entering the field and learning programming if you want to establish a solid foundation for a real business on the Internet and earn a lot of money


Design is the equivalent profession to all projects on the web that are based on programming and web development. So design is a profession that can be rewarding. All you need is a computer and professional design

Private Blog

Blogging may be one of the most popular ways to profit from the Internet, if you have the skill of writing and blogging. Creating a blog is now very easy thanks to blogging platforms such as WordPress or Blogger and others, but getting it to spread widely may be a challenge in the beginning. But you will need to put a lot of effort into creating content and learning the techniques of SEO. You are supposed to work hard at planting first in order to enjoy the harvest later

Second: The methods that generate a large income, but require the investment of experience, effort and money

..Social media management company

profits by working on the Internet
profits by working on the Internet

Having accounts on social media platforms has become a necessity for companies, businesses, and even those small businesses. Most of them want to take advantage of the services of specialized e-marketing agencies for a professional appearance and reach a wide segment of customers

Here comes the opportunity to establish an agency for social media account management services. This may take time, effort and experience as well, but it’s worth it

Commission selling

Affiliate selling means owning your online store, which is different from the concept of commission marketing, because it will require you time and effort to build and market your online store in general, and an additional effort to follow up on requests and financial matters and coordinate with product supply companies. Your effort and effort to build the future of your store and get a market share for you

Selling Information

Informatics products are so huge in fact, you can literally get rich by selling information if you know what you’re doing. If you’re one of the internet marketing ninja heroes you can expect, but, even if you’re not, there are ways to turn your ideas into digital products and then into wealth. Many young Arabs have already made fortunes from working online, and some of them earn much better than any big and luxurious job

A course or training course

What you can sell as a course or course that can help deliver real value to a segment of people. There is no limit to what you can teach people, whatever you master is in demand online

Udemy and SkillShare are two of the leading platforms that allow people with specialized skills and knowledge to design and produce scientific material and then offer it for a sum of money. There are millions of people using this service and actually making good income

Write an e-book

Every day new e-books are released, some of which are very successful and their owners make a great income from behind them. If you can write an e-book in which you gather a summary of your experiences.. You can start every day by taking some time to work on an e-book that you sell as a service, benefit others, and share your experiences and ideas with others

Third: What if you do not have any skill or qualifications yet to profit from the Internet
In this case, you have to choose a skill that fits your qualifications and start learning it so that you can actually work and make money from the Internet

You will not be able to imagine the amount of opportunities, money and prospects that can be available to you when you learn and acquire the required skills online. All disciplines and skills are available for learning. The best thing to start with is the English language, mastering it as much as possible, and mastering computer skills. The most wonderful thing about the Internet is the issue of self-learning, so that it is easy for anyone to specialize in a specific field and master it through various educational platforms, whether paid or free


In this video, we discussed the most popular methods without detailing them, and your choice of the appropriate method depends first on the ceiling of your ambitions and on your skills and the amount of time and effort that you can put in the second place, and you may need to invest a small amount in the beginning to take the real steps towards profit from the Internet