3- Alternative medicine treatment for cancer

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3- Alternative medicine treatment for cancer

Alternative medicine, as its name indicates, is a type of natural therapy used in place of or in addition to traditional medicine treatment that relies on drugs and chemicals

In this article, we will shed light on how to treat cancer with alternative medicine and prophetic medicine, in addition to mentioning some experiences of countries in the world such as Tunisia, Germany and India in treating cancer with alternative medicine, and other important information about breast cancer, herbal cancer treatment and alternative cancer treatments in general

Alternative medicine treatment for cancer
Today, many cancer patients are turning to alternative medicine for cancer treatment by relying on changing the lifestyle followed to a healthy lifestyle and taking advantage of nature’s pharmacy to treat cancer

The most important point that must be mentioned when talking about treating cancer with alternative medicine is that you must differentiate between alternative medicine that is supervised by doctors, specialists and researchers and who study the effects of every habit and every type of food before adopting it as an alternative treatment, and between some perfumers or individuals who do not rely on any Scientific foundations or real experiences when describing some herbs or treatments under the name of alternative medicine

medicine treatment for cancer
medicine treatment for cancer

Cancer treatment with medicine

It was narrated that the Noble Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “Take medicine, for God has not created a disease without appointing a remedy for it other than old age.” Rather, surrendering to disease and not seeking treatment is considered to be throwing oneself to death, which is what the true Islamic religion forbids

There are prophetic medicines that were mentioned to treat all diseases or a wide range of them, and modern science came to confirm the validity of these treatments, among which we mention dates and black seed

Treating cancer with dates: It has recently been found that dates (which the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, loved) are rich in a substance called polyphenols, a substance that has many benefits, the most important of which is fighting many types of cancer, including colon cancer

The treatment of cancer with the blessing seed: The Holy Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: (the black seed is a cure for every disease, except poison), and poison is death, and recent studies have proven that the black seed contains a substance that has a preventive effect against cancer

Encyclopedia of alternative medicine cancer treatment
We can say that the world has today an encyclopedia in the field of cancer treatment with alternative medicine, and types of cancer treatment with alternative medicine (some of them are used in addition to traditional chemotherapy to relieve symptoms associated with cancer or to speed up the treatment process)

Cancer treatment with hypnosis
Cancer treatment by massage: It is a treatment to alleviate the depression, anxiety, pain, nausea that accompany cancer. Of course, it is necessary to consult the doctor supervising your treatment before starting the treatment with massage and to ensure the extent of the possibility of massaging some areas in the body

Biofeedback for cancer treatment: Biofeedback is used to help patients sleep and relieve their pain
Yoga: It is used to relieve depression, tension and anxiety that may accompany illness
Acupuncture: It is a type of ancient treatment in China, and helps cancer patients relieve their pain, vomiting and nausea, and it is important to make sure that the needles are well sterilized before starting treatment


Using essential oils to relieve pain, tension, nausea and depression, and thus improve the patient’s mood and health, but it should be noted that this treatment may not be suitable for everyone, as it may cause headaches, allergies or nausea in some

Alternative medicine cancer treatment in Tunisia
Alternative medicine treatment is a common thing in Tunisia. Several studies conducted by specialists have shown that there are a good number of medicinal plants in Tunisia that have anti-cancer activity. [6]

Alternative medicine treatment for cancer in Germany

Among the alternative cancer treatments in Germany.

Insulin-boosted cancer treatment (in addition to conventional chemotherapy): Reduces side effects and increases the effectiveness of medications used
Photodynamic laser cancer treatment: This treatment is one of the latest and most advanced methods of treatment, by injecting the patient with light materials in order to accumulate within the cancerous cells of his body

and then exposing him to light in order to destroy the cancerous cells
Electrochemical treatment of cancer (galvanic therapy): by exposing the patient’s body to a weak electric current, which causes the death of cancer cells as they are more conductive than the rest of the (healthy) cells

Biological therapy: through the use of medicines from developed natural materials
Cancer treatment using the most modern blood purification techniques: Its mechanism of action is similar to dialysis, but it is more modern and advanced, and it is done by separating the patient’s blood components and filtering his blood serum to get rid of toxic compounds in it

medicine treatment for cancer
medicine treatment for cancer

Alternative medicine cancer treatment in India
In fact, India is one of the countries that attract the attention of many individuals who are looking for medical tourism, especially cancer patients, because of the availability of many alternative medicine options, and the acceptable treatment costs

Among the names of the alternative treatment methods available in India are

Ayurveda: It is used by 36% of cancer patients there, and it is the most widely used alternative treatment
natural therapy
unani medicine

Alternative medicine treatment for breast cancer

Among the methods of treating breast cancer with alternative medicine, we mention

Treating breast cancer by eating dates: Of course, under the supervision of a specialist doctor and in conjunction with traditional chemotherapy, where it was found in one study that some types of dates contain polyphenols that have an inhibitory effect on cancer, which enhances the effect of the treatments used

Treating breast cancer by eating pomegranate: Pomegranate also contains high levels of polyphenols (a substance that has an inhibitory effect on cancer), and treatment must be under the supervision of specialists
Also, according to some studies, eating grapes, nigella, olives can have a role in treating breast cancer as well

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