3- Freelancing platform challenges


3- Freelancing platform challenges

As in the beginning of any business, you will face many challenges in your self-employment. The following are the main challenges that the freelancer faces at the beginning of his career as a freelancer

Difficulty beginnings and insufficient experience

Big competition

Attracting customers and how to satisfy them, with regard to the quality of work, delivery on time, budget and adjustments required after delivery

Time management and balance between professional life and social life

Exposure to widespread fraud and scams, but there are many platforms today that preserve rights and guarantee freelancers and entrepreneurs a safe and reliable work environment, such as: Khamsat and Mostakal

Working on several projects at the same time

irregular income. This is one of the most difficult challenges of self-employment, because weeks may pass during which you suffer from work pressure, and in return, you may pass other times when you are not able to get a job, but your ability to market yourself and your skills professionally opens the doors to job opportunities

The difficulty of staying in constant contact to seize job opportunities, and not using modern electronic devices. For example: working from the phone is very stressful, while working on a computer increases productivity

Problems withdrawing money, and this is a challenge usually faced by new freelancers, although today’s freelance platforms provide different means of withdrawing money such as: PayPal or credit cards

Freelancing platform
Freelancing platform

How freelance platforms work

.The mechanism of work of freelance platforms differs from each other, there are platforms that provide the customer with the presentation of the requirements of his project and the appropriate price for him, and allow the freelancer to submit his appropriate offer on the project, such as

An independent platform, the largest Arab freelance platform. While there are platforms that allow the freelancer to offer and price his services, and allow the customer to buy one of this service, such as the Khamsat platform, the largest Arab market for buying and selling mini-services

Profit from freelance platforms

All freelancers aspire to achieve financial security and profit through the Internet. In order for you as a freelancer to profit through freelance platforms, follow these steps

Create your account on the Arab freelance platforms and complete your profile data within the site, such as: adding a personal photo, confirming your email and others
Create a professional business gallery that includes samples of your work, to motivate clients to hire you
Add your skills and qualifications, and use the site’s hashtags a lot, to help the buyer find your services

Write a brief about yourself explaining to the buyer 3 main themes, who are you? Features of your services

?Why would he choose you
Develop your skills through training courses, videos, listening to success stories, and reading many articles offered by the site’s blogs
Learn how to present attractive offers to clients through YouTube tutorials or from fellow successful colleagues in the same field
Communicate gently, tactfully and respectfully with project owners

Freelance fields
The fields of self-employment vary and include most specializations. Among the most important of these areas, which are widely requested by project owners within freelance platforms, and enjoy high sales rates, are

Writing and translation
graphic design
Training and distance education
Support and help
engineering and architecture
Business Management

The best freelancing platforms in the Arab world
Arab freelancing platforms have spread widely, but they differ in terms of professional competence, communication features, commission, the reliability of the work environment and many of the reasons we mentioned. Perhaps the best and best of those Arab platforms, the ones that achieved wide success and topped the search engines today, are

Freelancing platform
Freelancing platform

Fiverr website
Khamsat is one of the most prominent Arab freelance platforms for microservices, with about half a million users. Khamsat acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer, to guarantee the rights of both. It allows the seller to publish all his services starting from $5, in addition to a comprehensive description of this service with an attractive image, and focus on the type and classification of the service, all by clicking on the option to add a new service as shown in the following pictures

It also allows you to add your desired price, keywords and your own instructions to the buyer

independent site
The independent platform is one of the largest free work platforms in the Arab world, if it provides a flexible work mechanism, and ensures a safe and reliable work environment through mediation between freelancers and project owners as the Khamsat platform, however, projects on it start from $ 25, and freelancers apply through it to projects added by project owners

and here Your role is to attract the client, show your best self, and mention your skills in a striking way. For example, if you aspire to work on a design project, all projects related to the design field will appear, as shown in the image

From here, you can track projects, and add your offer to the project that matches your skills, when you click on the “Add your offer now” option

إضافة العروض على مشروع في منصة مستقل

Now you can draw your right steps and start directly through reliable freelancing platforms that guarantee rights, provide benefits, and provide many job opportunities in various fields. The most important thing is to constantly develop your skills, to be able to compete in the self-employment market and prove your worth