4- How to make money from freelance platforms

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4- How to make money from freelance platforms

Tired of traditional jobs, strict management, or lack of appreciation for your efforts? Are you seeking to be your own boss? Have you heard of profit through freelance platforms and do not know where to start? We are here to help you take the right steps into the world of freelancing, so welcome

What are freelancing platforms

.Freelance platforms are websites that act as an intermediary between two parties. The first party is the freelancer who provides services on the Internet, and the second party is the client or project owner who needs those services. These platforms are usually not affiliated with government agencies, but rather a person who links these parties to each other, according to flexible rules that guarantee the rights of both parties

The importance of freelancing platforms
Thomas Dior says, “The mind is like a parachute, it only works if it is open.” Herein lies the importance of freelancing platforms in openness towards horizons, as they provide freelancers and clients complete freedom without being restricted to specific working hours, strict decisions or certain financial wages, so they make a lot of progress and the continued success of its users. Its importance is summarized in 5 main aspects

Your ID
Freelance platforms provide your identity as a freelancer or Freelancer, where you can document your account with your personal identity, add all your skills in a dedicated place for skills, add your experiences in your bio box, and put all the work you have done in your business gallery within your profile that It is shown to all customers within the platform

Protection of rights

Freelance intermediary platforms guarantee the protection of the rights of the freelancer and the client at the same time. As for the material rights of the freelancer, the client cannot start any project without charging his balance with a certain amount within the site with the same financial value as the amount offered on his project

This is enough to work with complete peace of mind, as the site preserves your rights in the event of any dispute between you and the project owner. When the project is started, the funds are transferred from the owner’s balance to the site until the work is completed in full, so the funds will move from the site to your balance on the site

money from freelance platforms

As for the rights of the client, freelance platforms provide him with the freedom to accept or decline to preview the project before receiving it from the freelancer. In the event that the freelancer did not put the work files within the discussion of the entire project deal, his account may be subject to freezing until it is ensured that all work files are ready and delivered to the project owner

Effective communication
Freelance platforms provide features to enable effective communication between freelancers and entrepreneurs. The project owner can contact the freelancer before hiring him to inquire about anything. After the project is requested, the platforms provide the ability to communicate via voice and text messages, and allow attaching work files to be shared between the two parties

Technical support
Freelance platforms provide their users with technical support services or via e-mail or messaging through the site’s help center. If you want any question or inquiry, or you fall into any problem within the site and you do not know what to do, you just have to contact the help department, and you will find many specialized people who provide you with a quick solution and in the simplest way

Freelance platforms provide ongoing advice, before, after, and while you’re working on a project. In addition to providing extensive blogs that provide hundreds of annotated articles continuously in the areas of interest to freelancers and clients, such as: design, e-marketing, translation, content writing, business management, freelancing and many more, which helps to gain more skills and experience. One of the most prominent of these blogs is the Fiverr website blog and the independent website blog

Advantages of freelance platforms
Working with freelance platforms has many advantages, namely

First: independence
Independence is the most important advantage of self-employment, because it makes you feel the absolute freedom of being your own boss. You will be free to choose clients, negotiate budgets, find new clients to work with, and choose projects that match your skills. For example: if you come across a project that looks complicated and has a low profit rate, you can reject it, because you are not obligated to take on projects that you do not want to work on, it is up to you

So my friend, you are free in this field, because you are the CEO of your own company and you are always free to choose the right project for you. However, do not forget that self-employment is not a permanent vacation or resignation from a job, it also requires you effort and time, in order to gain the satisfaction of your customers. And you can work two days a week only according to the schedule, all of this will be under your full power

Second, the great opportunities
Paulo Coelho says, “Look for opportunities that achieve your goals, and if you don’t find them, create them.” In light of the increasing unemployment rate, freelance platforms offer a lot of job opportunities on the Internet, through the amount of projects offered on their platforms in various fields, such as: writing and translation projects, engineering and architecture projects

business projects, programming projects and many more. You can work on more From a project at the same time as long as you have the skill and ability to do so. So seize the opportunity, and constantly develop your skills, so that your chances of employment on these projects increase

Third: skill development
Freelance platforms give freelancers a great opportunity to develop their skills, with numerous training courses and blogs rich with tips and advice on every project, support on new projects, and also help them improve their professional communication skills with clients

On the other hand, every project you will work on will add something new to your experience, and thus will bring you more clients, which will help you develop your career, and prepare you to compete in the job market among freelancers. Unlike the traditional job, which often does not allow for the development and improvement of skills, because it depends on a certain regular system

Fourth: earn money
There is no specific limit to earning money in your freelance work, as you can work on more than one project at the same time without restrictions. The more you can increase your productivity and improve your skills, the more money you can earn

The platforms adopt a post-delivery evaluation system, allowing clients to rate freelancers and comment on their impression of the experience working with them. It is worth noting that this evaluation is available to everyone, and contributes substantially to your success on the site, increasing your visibility, attracting more customers, and achieving more profits

Fifth: Flexibility in dealing
If you hate getting up early, sticking to traditional job policies, or even being tied to a formal dress code, all of that will vanish in your freelance work, as it is not tied to a specific time or full or part-time, but gives you enough flexibility to work on projects whenever you want, and specify a duration Appropriate delivery by project owner agreement

Self-employment does not tie you to a specific place, as you can complete your projects anywhere, whether in the home, office, garden, or even on the road to travel. This is the main reason why many freelancers turn to freelance work, in addition to the fact that you can also work within your weekly or monthly vacations, so that you are close to your clients wherever you go

Sixth: Creating a network of relationships
Working with self-employment platforms helps you to form a network of relationships that are not restricted by geographical boundaries, the more your work circle expands and it penetrates more into the labor market. You can build meaningful working relationships that bring you more projects, make friends that give you more skills and experience, and learn about different cultures and new communication styles

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