4- How long are kittens pregnant


4- How long are kittens pregnant

Domestic cats are considered one of the animals that belong to the group of mammals, and they are from the family of cats, which includes tigers, leopards and other predators. Domestic cats are considered the smallest type of this family in terms of size. It has long tails that help it balance while walking and jumping, and it also has sharp teeth and claws capable of reversing, allowing it to hunt many small creatures such as birds, lizards, rodents, and mice

The term of pregnancy of animals differs from that of humans, and it varies from one animal to another, and pregnancy periods are usually compared between a group of mammals. The longest known pregnancy period in the animal kingdom is in the elephant. Elephants carry their children for a period of up to 22 months, which is approximately two years

How long are kittens pregnant
How long are kittens pregnant

The blue whale carries its young for a period of a year or a few months, while the gestation period of mice does not exceed twenty-one days or three weeks, and cats are considered among the animals with a relatively short gestation period in the mammalian group

Cat gestation period
The duration of pregnancy for cats takes two months and a few days, and cats usually mate in certain periods of the year known as estrus, in which the sexual desire of males and females increases, and it is repeated several times during the year (in the first three months of the year, and in July in particular) And each of them lasts from three days to two weeks, and if the female does not get the opportunity to mate during that period, then most likely the next estrus will come within a short period

Number of kittens
When the pregnancy period begins, the cat searches for itself a quiet spot away from the noise and influences, and after the end of the pregnancy period, it gives birth to a number of births, often ranging between three to five, and most of the time the birth proceeds naturally, and there are some few cases in which it needs Kittens for veterinary intervention, and young kittens take care of their mother for about two and a half months and then leave them to rely on themselves

Suitable age for mating cats
The stage of maturity in cats varies according to their gender and type, but the period in which the female matures is about five months after she is born, and there are some species that reach the maturity period of nine months, while the males mature after ten months or more

Mating in cats
The process of marriage in cats takes place by desire, and there are signs that determine that cats want to marry, where the cat sleeps on its stomach on the ground, and begins to wipe its body in the ground, and during the period of sexual desire increases in males and females, and is repeated several times on the Throughout the year, each period lasts from three days to two weeks

Symptoms of early pregnancy cats
– Her stomach swollen after a month of carrying the cat
– The cat becomes more gentle and tries to draw the attention of its breeder to it
– The cat eats a lot of food (not as usual)
– When the date of birth approaches, the cat searches for a new place that she has not visited, and that is quiet to give birth in (this is what is known as nesting)

The cat’s breast begins to appear and turns dark pink, and this is evidence of her willingness to breastfeed her children

Symptoms before the cat is born
It increases movement
Her appetite decreases
Its temperature drops
The cat’s breast grows significantly
She appears anxious and fearful

How long are kittens pregnant
How long are kittens pregnant

Tips for caring for cats during their pregnancy
Show special care for her
Provide the appropriate food for her during pregnancy
Buying a wooden box for her to give birth in when the time of birth approaches
Put something warm for her inside the box to give birth to, like an old blanket
The box must have a side opening so that the cat does not harm its young when entering and exiting