1- The best pets that can be raised at home

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1- The best pets that can be raised at home

The breeding of animals at home has spread greatly in the recent period, and there are many people who take animal husbandry as a hobby for them, and there are several animals that can be raised at home, taking into account their care and cleanliness to ensure that people in the house are not exposed to any health damage. Caution in choosing the type of domestic animal if there are children in the house, and for lovers of this hobby, we offer you a list of the best types of domestic animals that add an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment

The best animals that can be raised at home


They are one of the most favorite pets in the house, as they have the skills of playing, petting and familiarity with their breeders, and they add an atmosphere of fun in the house, and they are calm and clean and do not need much care from their breeders because they clean themselves by themselves, and they can acquire habits and skills Good, and one of the most famous domestic cats that many prefer are Siamese cats and Persian cats with long hair. For more details, you can see a previous article for the best types of domestic cats


It is known that they are loyal to their owner, and they can perform several functions to serve humans, such as guarding the house, guiding the deaf and blind people with special needs to the road and alerting the deaf to the sound of the telephone or doorbell when it rings. Domestic dogs differ according to their types, sizes and shapes

The best pets that can be raised
The best pets that can be raised

The domestic dog needs special care by its breeder in terms of providing good food, permanent hygiene and providing a home for it, in addition to taming and training it daily for thirty minutes so that it gets used to the behaviors that its breeder tames, and among the best domestic dogs are Rodweilers, Boxers and Pitbulls

Ornamental fish

It is one of the most beautiful things that can be raised at home. Ornamental fish tanks filled with colorful and attractive fish add beauty to the house. They are also among the favorite animals of children and are safe for them because they do not need to touch them. It is enough to enjoy its beautiful scenery only, and it is also a favorite hobby for many Fish need special care

so the aquarium should be always clean so that the fish are not exposed to diseases, and a special food must be provided for them. Ornamental fish for breeding are goldfish, arowana and neon tetra, and for more details about aquarium fish, you can see a previous article for the best ornamental fish


It is a crawling animal, and there are two types of it: the land turtle and the water turtle. It is characterized by its slow movement and small size. It is frequently found in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Many people raise it at home. It has a strong sense of sight so it can recognize its breeders, and it is easy to take care of as it does not need to be cleaned to once a month and it feeds on lettuce

grated carrots, cucumbers or dandelions. Inside a container with enough water to be able to swim, the water turtle is more active than the land turtle and feeds on insects, small fish and earthworms


One of the favorite animals for many to raise, they add a spirit of fun and vitality, attracting you with the beauty of their colors and tweets. Birds need special care as they are placed in a spacious and comfortable cage so that they can move easily. The cage must be cleaned daily and it is preferable to raise at least two birds inside the cage. And not to leave a single bird alone because it will feel lonely and die, birds feed on grain, and they should not be exposed to high temperatures

and among the best types of birds for breeding are the budgies and canaries, but it should be noted that those who have children with allergies should not put a bird cage near The presence of children because it increases their sensitivity


one of the most beautiful and most cheerful ornamental birds in the house, characterized by its bright colors, and its imitation of the surrounding sounds as it can learn more than 800 words, characterized by intelligent and social qualities, found abundantly in India, Southeast Asia and West Africa, and males of parrots must be separated from Females in the cage and put parrots of the same species

parrots feed on carrots, grains, apples and lettuce, care must be taken to clean the cage constantly and change drinking water and food so that the bird is not exposed to any health ailments and insects breed on it, and the best parrots for breeding is the Amazon parrot and the macaw parrot


There is a heavy demand for raising monkeys in homes in the recent period and it has become one of the favorite hobbies of many. Monkeys are distinguished by their cheerful spirit and their constant activity, as they love playing and moving a lot, but they need very special care from the educators and they need a full-time breeder to raise them. The educator must control his nerves well

The best pets that can be raised
The best pets that can be raised

because if the monkeys are hungry, they cannot wait and start making skirmishes and disturbing movements. He must also provide the monkey with a spacious place to live in so that he can move as he wants. The best types of monkeys for breeding are the mamramost monkey and squirrel monkey because of their love of play and fun, and they are characterized by cleanliness


One of the favorite animals for breeding, especially among children, is characterized by its small size and voice, and consists of yellow and white colors, and it is one of the most beautiful and cheapest domestic birds, but it needs special care because it dies quickly, so the breeder must put it in a clean spacious cage and not expose it To extreme heat or extreme cold, because it cannot tolerate and dies quickly, and an adequate amount of water must be put to drink and fed in moderation on fodder


One of the most common types of birds in breeding, as it is considered a domesticated bird, and some people take pigeon breeding as a hobby and others for trade. Raising pigeons is easy, and it is sufficient to put it in a large cage exposed and exposed to sunlight, preferably on the roof of the house and feed it with food. Variety such as wheat, corn and lentils, and one of the best types of pigeons in breeding is the municipal and Turkish pigeons


or hamtaro, belongs to the rodent category of mice, is characterized by the beauty of its shape, small size, and ease of raising, and it can be placed in a glass basin or a spacious cage because it moves quickly and is considered one of the active animals, but wood shavings must be placed to avoid the unpleasant smell. Among the most famous types of Syrian hamsters, Chinese and European hamsters

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