3- Diseases affecting cats and how to treat them


3- Diseases affecting cats and how to treat them

Watching the right cats grow and mature is the best thing for a pet owner, but this requires preparation and a set of guidelines to help raise cats properly

cat vaccinations
Cats are just like humans, they are infected with many diseases and these diseases can be prevented through vaccinations, and there are many who see that cats are an important part of their family, and like the human family, whoever keeps cats wants to protect them from anything in the world that can harm him

And cat vaccinations are relatively inexpensive and are much cheaper than the medicines that are required if the cat has any of the diseases, and from the vaccinations that are used for cats FE which is the intestinal infection vaccination, and the FLF vaccination which is for immunization against leukemia

Diseases affecting cats
Diseases affecting cats

Signs of disease in cats

.The best way to know if a cat is weak and sick or not, is to know what his behavior is when he is right, as cats are very good at hiding disease, which means that small changes in their behavior can indicate a serious change in health, and several can be looked for Changes, including how you eat

It is important to know that these characteristics can indicate a major problem, for example, a cat that has eaten rat poison will have a decrease in appetite, while a cat that has worms will have an increase in appetite. And in case of any changes to the cats, they must be taken to the vet for a medical examination

Methods of treating cats
At a certain point in a cat’s life they must be given different types of medication. This medication may be prescription medication or immunization treatments, all of which are obvious when it comes to home management. Use it, and it is always better to consult a veterinarian to know all the consultations for cats

And one of the important instructions for cats is to give them their own medicines, whether they are pills or liquid medicines, and while giving treatment to cats, whether it is liquid or injections, it must be prepared before preparing the cat, and this is to prevent the cat from messing with it while giving the injections, and the cat must be wrapped in a blanket or Towel completely, leaving their heads uncovered

And this restriction helps in giving medicines to cats, and if the treatment is pills, they are placed in the back of the cat’s tongue, and then the mouth is closed and his chin is raised gently, and this helps the cats to swallow the medicine easily

Common health problems
Cats, like humans, have many common diseases, such as some different injuries, abdominal pain and tiredness in breathing. It is not surprising to know that cats become bad and injure themselves in the environment in which they are, most of those who keep cats leave them outside the house and give them All things and this may cause a lot of diseases and injuries

It is necessary to know the common symptoms of diseases and how to care for a cat during his illness, and one of the most common health problems that affect cats is vomiting and diarrhea, especially for cats that live outside the house and this is likely to happen because the cat eats all the things around it

Diseases affecting cats
Diseases affecting cats

Cats also have urinary tract diseases, which are infections of the urinary tract and stones on the bladder, and its symptoms are bloody urine, painful urination and inability to urinate, as well as respiratory infections, eye problems, and diseases In kidneys and fractures