4- Acne causes and treatment methods

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4- Acne causes and treatment methods

acne are less common than they appear on other areas of the body, but they can be very annoying. What are the causes of the appearance of head pills? And what are the ways to treat it

acne causes and treatment methods
. .acne generally appear as a result of an allergic reaction that you may be experiencing or as a result of the hair follicles being closed, and in both cases it is not considered dangerous

Clogged pores often cause acne, so keeping the scalp and hair clean and using medicated or appropriate shampoos may prevent this problem. But what are the other reasons for the appearance of these grains in the head area

Acne causes and treatment
Acne causes and treatment

Causes of head acne
One of the most likely reasons for the appearance of pimples is the blockage of pores or hair follicles, as we mentioned, and this happens when dead skin cells and oils that the body naturally secretes enter the pores in the skin

In addition, it is possible for bacteria and germs to enter these pores to cause inflammation. Other causes that may cause the appearance of pimples include

Folliculitis, a type of dermatitis that results from damage to hair follicles, and may cause red bumps to appear on the head

The appearance of acne on the scalp caused by the accumulation of bacteria or a change in hormonal levels, and may also appear due to the accumulation of different hair products and not washing it frequently or even wearing hats, which increases the friction with the scalp
Having an allergic reaction to a certain type of hair product or being exposed to something allergic

The appearance of dandruff, as dandruff can sometimes cause the appearance of pimples, and may be associated with other symptoms, such as: itching of the head, and dryness of the scalp
The accumulation of keratin in the cysts of the skin under the scalp, causing the appearance of pimples, which are known as pilar cysts

Skin cancer that affects the places most exposed to the sun, such as the head
Scalp psoriasis, as this health problem may cause red, scaly patches to appear on the scalp, accompanied by itching, which may result in scaling and bleeding in the area, and thus a greater chance of acne

The presence of lice in the hair, and it should be noted here that lice do not directly cause the appearance of head pills, but they cause severe itching, which may result in scraping the scalp and inflammation, and then the appearance of pills
It is worth noting that pimples may appear in the back area or on the hairline and are more common in this area, depending on the main cause of their appearance

What can you do to treat head acne
The treatment of headaches is determined after the diagnosis of the infection and the underlying cause. In general, the different treatments are as follows

Use warm compresses on the affected area
Resorting to certain types of shampoos such as antibacterial ones
Ensure that your shampoo or conditioner does not cause acne breakouts


The use of hair products that contain salicylic acid, which contributes to the exfoliation of dead skin cells so that they do not accumulate inside the pores, and there are other substances that may help treat headaches, including glycolic acid
The use of tea tree oil, which has anti-bacterial properties, which helps to get rid of head pimples

Add jojoba oil to your shampoo, which works to reduce the inflammation of the head when it appears
Minimize the use of oil-based products to avoid clogging pores
Use cold water when washing hair
Your doctor may prescribe some medications in order to treat the main cause of the acne

Acne causes and treatment
Acne causes and treatment

Prevention of head acne
Scalp hygiene plays a key role in avoiding clogged pores, so it is recommended to wash hair whenever you feel greasy or oily and after each exercise

You can also follow the following preventive tips

Determine if you are allergic to any of the hair products used
Stay away from people with lice problem to avoid infection
Wear loose-fitting head coverings that allow the scalp to breathe and prevent chafing
Washing hair shortly after exercise

Use natural and hypoallergenic hair products
Avoid using a lot of hair products, such as: gels
Get enough vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E to keep your skin healthy
For some people, infrequent hair washing may cause acne to appear on the scalp, while for others, frequent hair washing can strip the skin of protective sebum, increasing the chance of pollutants and bacteria entering

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