4- ? What are the tourist cities of Italy


4- ? What are the tourist cities of Italy

The most famous tourist cities in Italy and its advantages
Italy is one of the cities that contains the largest number of World Heritage sites around the world, where there are many artifacts and art cities in these cities such as Rome, Venice and of course Florence, which has been visited by tourists since ancient times from all over the world. You can also book through the best An application for hotel reservations in Saudi Arabia that helps you get your reservation easily

All this is in addition to the natural treasures that characterize the Italian cities of coasts, lakes and mountains, and the name Bel Paese, meaning the beautiful country, is called

Also, this beautiful country has more than 30 or more areas of attraction. The distances between the cities of Italy are characterized by their proximity, so tourists move freely, who number about 40 million annually. We will present some of these areas, which are

Verona Arena

Verona Arena is characterized by the presence of the great Roman amphitheater that was built 2000 years ago, which still today performs many musical performances inside the amphitheater square

The city is also famous for its great role in the play Romeo and Juliet and also despite the passage of these years, Verona Arena still retains its beauty, making it a city full of Italian culture and art



The island of Elba is characterized by its long history. The ancient Greeks, Etruscans, and Romans inhabited the island, and Napoleon was the most famous resident of this region because he was exiled to it in 1814. The homes of Napoleon in which he resides in winter and summer are still present until now

It was opened for tourists to roam around and there are about 150 beaches on the island, and of course there are large areas of sand and protected bays

Palazzo Ducale in Urbino
Ducal Palace This palace was built in the Renaissance period in the fifteenth century and this palace is located in the city of Urbino .. This palace can be inhabited by an average of 600 residents due to its largeness and is available to visitors with the restoration of many rooms in the palace to look as it was built in the fifteenth century A number of paintings from the Renaissance are also displayed

tourist cities of Italy
tourist cities of Italy

Cefalu, Sicily
To be able to reach the city of Cefalu, you can go by car from Palermo, because it is only one hour away, and this place has existed since the Middle Ages, and because of the beauty and splendor of this place, many films were shot

This area is famous for its magnificent landmarks, the mosaic-decorated cathedrals and the seafront corniche. You can also watch the sunset, La Roca Street. The population of this city is about 13994

Sorrento Campania
Tourists prefer to go to Sorrento because of the cliffs that overlook the ocean and the dramatic scenery. You can also explore a number of coasts such as the Amalfi Coast in the east, Pompeii to the north, and also the offshore island of Capri. The population of the city is 15956

Rural Italian cities and what they are famous for
Wlinano a Marie Puglia
The small town of Polignano a Mare, also known as the pearl of the Adriatic Sea, is located on a limestone cliff that reaches into the ocean

It is one of the most visited places for tourists to have romantic moments and also you can just wander the twisted streets of the city, which have been painted white, with a population of 17,491

The city of Florence has many advantages, for example, the size of the city, which you can spend time walking, wandering and seeing the streets

The city is also characterized by the arts, which were made in the Renaissance era, and there are also the finest museums in the world, such as the Uffizi and the Galleria dell’ Accademia, which makes it one of the best cities that you can visit

The city of Venice, or what is also called the city of water, is classified as the jewel in the crown of water cities, but Venice has receded from its peak and tourists come to the city and number more than the population because of the city’s romantic charm

One of the most famous areas in it is the waterway, which makes its way between the city between the lake and St. Mark’s Basin. You can also see the Grand Canal. Residents of the city prefer to travel via water buses called Vaporetto, but tourists prefer to see places through the romantic gondola

The Dolomites mountain range in northern Italy, which ski lovers go to all year round, and is characterized by the shape of the mountains at sunset that look pink and purple, which takes you to another world, and visitors go shopping in Trento markets

Vernazza Liguria
The streets of the village are characterized by houses in distinctive colors and the town is characterized by the sloping sandy beach and also to the only natural harbor located in Sequoia Terry.

The area is also characterized by the presence of the famous seafood restaurant, which has been located inside a castle since the eleventh century on the edge of the harbor, and the population is about 764

City of Pietrapertosa Basilicata
Carved out of rocks on the side of a mountain, this city reaches an altitude of 3,500 feet and is characterized by the presence of many, many ancient ruins

Also located is the Sarasin Castle, which was built in the ninth century. It also has the highest zip-line in the world. The population of this city, which is 937, is also located in it

What is Italy famous for
Italy is famous for a lot of things and the most famous of them are the following

Rome Trevi Fountain
This fountain was built in 1762 by Nicola Salvi and many tourists come to visit it and toss coins, so that they return again to Rome and also when you throw two coins that it guarantees you to fall in love with a Roman man or woman [3]

Also because of the way it was built, which represents the god Neptune and transformed many underwater creatures during the battle, and the fountain is lit at night to become an attractive and romantic place to visit

tourist cities of Italy
tourist cities of Italy

Santa Maria delle Grazie from Milan
The church and monastery of St. Mary of Grace or the so-called Santa Maria delle Grazie is located in Milan. It resembles the structure of the church, and the structure of the church indicates the development of the Renaissance

It also has the most famous mural, The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, as well as the details in the decorated nave, as well as the entrances full of the roles of The Last Supper painted by Leonardo da Vinci, in addition to the tourist places in Naples

the food
Each Italian region and city has its own special dishes, some of which are distinguished by the distinctive dishes of seafood in Venice, Cinque Terre and Sicily

Some other regions also feature unique pasta dishes that are made in Tuscany, cheese and appetizers served in traditional, distinctive ways

You can also try the Neapolitan pizza in the Campina area, and you can also try the arancini, which is a mixture of mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and meat that is covered with a layer of fried rice balls