7- The best fat burning exercise


7- The best fat burning exercise

The best fat-burning sport, in the recent period and with life’s preoccupations, everyone is looking for the strongest and fastest fat-burning sports

?So what is this fat burning sport

The best fat burning exercise
Because there is not enough time to exercise in the gym or there are those who prefer to exercise outdoors

Since you are interested in this topic, let’s learn in a few seconds about the benefits of burning fat

?Why should you get rid of fat

For better health and fitness

To enhance immunity

To improve the appearance of your body

To avoid heart disease and cholesterol

Live healthy

Get a fit and strong body

Enhance your self-confidence through a graceful and elegant appearance

All these benefits and more you get when you get rid of fat, God willing

And for that, we in the athletes delved into the subject, which constitutes an obstacle for anyone who wants a quick and effective sport to burn fat. Do you know what we will start with

fat burning exercise
fat burning exercise

What is the best thing to burn fat

Walking, or as it is known as continuous light running, is one of the best ways and sports to burn fat, all this and more we will learn about in this article, focus well and continue reading to learn the secrets of the best sport to burn fat

Studies have shown that moderate to moderate intensity running is the way to go. If your goal is to burn fat, you should focus on it

?So how can we do that


Walk for an hour straight at medium speed. (It means walking more quickly)

And not stop until you complete that hour

Because if you stop even for 30 seconds, you will restart from zero. This does not mean you will be disappointed or something like that, the point of that I will explain to you now

When you stop for 30 seconds or more, the burning of fat stops, and it is not as if you do not stop for an hour straight from walking, (Do not stress yourself if you feel any pain or the like, and walking is easy and does not cause any problems because it does not require much effort)

Benefits of swimming

Let’s say you feel tired at that hour. You can reduce your walking speed, but without stopping


10 seconds of running and 3 minutes of walking

This method is recommended and is also good for anyone who wants to increase their fitness

It is also the best way to burn fat

It is as I read in the title, it means that you run at a medium or fast speed depending on your effort and fitness for 10 seconds, and immediately after that you complete your walk for 3 minutes, walk in a simple way and repeat this for about 30 minutes

If you did not understand it well, re-read it and understand it, it is simple, and let’s continue our reading

There are precautions to be taken care of

If you suffer from roughness in the knee or roughness in the joints or legs, it is better to avoid this method

The first position is best because it is easy

And if you are in good health and do not have any joint or muscle problems, I advise you from athletes to try this (fun) thing

?Why walking for an hour is one of the best ways to burn fat

This is explained by the fact that, when you run too fast, you will burn calories in your body, but you will feel tired and stop, and burning fat, as we mentioned, requires continuous activity for the body for a period of more than an hour

Light exercise (such as walking), can burn more fat because your body will use stored fat as energy, on the contrary, it is said that strong exercises that require a lot of effort are based on carbohydrates

important tips about walking

Warm-up exercises are necessary before you start any sport, you must warm up your body muscles and prepare for sports activity, as it does not take long
Or you can use the method that I do personally before starting the sport of running, which is to walk lightly and gradually increase the speed, and this is also one of the best ways to warm up
If you are a beginner, you can rely on the gradual method of walking, for example, on the first day, 15

minutes of continuous walking or light jogging, and the next day you increase the duration to reach 20 minutes of continuous walking and so increase by steps
I mean, here we are not saying that you walk slowly as usual when you go shopping or are out for a walk with family or friends, but rather that walking is fast in order to burn fat


he is not running, but he walked in a fast way, so it is close to running and it is called light jogging
And the longer the walking, the more it gets rid of and burns more fat
Vary the exercise between brisk walking, light walking, running short distances and once for long distances in order not to get bored with one routine
Use flat, flexible shoes to help you walk without problems

As for the period in which it is preferable to run to burn more fat, they are as follows

Men: 4 to 6 miles a day of walking
Women: 3 to 5 kilometers per day of walking
And do not forget that you are at work or in home activities, that counts as walking, but we recommend continuous walking, as it is considered the best sport to burn fat in the body

Other sports and exercises help speed up fat burning


Swimming is also one of the strongest sports that you can practice if you provide the conditions in order to burn more fat, as it is one of the favorite sports for many, especially in the summer

The best exercise to burn fat at home
There are exercises to burn the accumulated fat from home only, the best exercises we will learn about together now

?are you ready

Rope jumping

What distinguishes this sport is that it is one of the best exercises that burns calories and is fun at the same time, and what distinguishes it most is that you can practice it anywhere or in


? What is the sport that burns belly fat
plank exercise

One of the exercises that burn fat and can be practiced from home as well is the plank exercise, one of the best exercises that burn fat, if not the strongest and best after walking, and is useful for burning belly fat

fat burning exercise
fat burning exercise

One of its advantages is that most of the muscles of the body are used in it from the abdomen to the legs and then to the back

If you are a beginner, do not stress yourself in it and do it as you can step by step, and also make sure to practice it correctly

Which guarantees that you will not run into any problems

cycling sport

It is also one of the sports that helps you burn body fat well

Advice from athletes: It is not necessary to practice all sports and all exercises, it is better to choose one or two to three sports as a maximum of the mentioned sports and exercises tend to them and diversify between them, but do not forget the most important thing, which is light jogging or walking that we talked about at the beginning of the article

Tips on the topic of the best exercise to burn fat

Tips to increase fat burning and speed up its disposal, God willing

Exercising or running alone without a healthy diet will not give the desired results, so see how to follow a healthy diet and you will find an article here in Athletes talking about that

Avoid all the so-called “diet.” These things are recommended by food experts to stay away from them and not force yourself to do things beyond your ability to burn fat

Continuity with walking or the aforementioned sports is important, it is not overnight, but it requires effort and always when you feel despair or boredom remember the benefits that will come after burning fat

There is no such thing as a magic diet to lose fat in two days

Eat fiber, especially from vegetables and fruits

Avoid overeating

Avoid heavy eating at night

Drink a lot of water

Eat plant foods in most of your meals

Avoid mixing food

Fasting helps purify your body from excess fat as well as get rid of fat, but it has its own controls

Finally, we thank you athletes for getting here, it seems that you are really interested in your health

If you are looking for more about health and fitness, go through your, you will find everything you are looking for, and if you do not find something you are looking for, put it in a comment and will respond to you as soon as possible

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