8- Benefits of collagen pills for face and hair


8- Benefits of collagen pills for face and hair


Collagen is a type of protein found in the connective tissues of the body. It maintains the natural and healthy appearance of the skin and hair. It combines with another compound called elastin to provide strength and strong bonding in the tissues, but with age, its production decreases in the body, which contributes to the appearance of wrinkles. thin skin and brittle hair

Therefore, beauticians and doctors recommend taking collagen pills that compensate for the lack of collagen production in the body. These supplements are available in different forms, such as: ointments, creams, and pills, and their uses are divided into two parts, medical, such as: treating osteoporosis, repairing cartilage, and a cosmetic section that promotes healthy skin and hair and gives them a fresher and more vibrant appearance

Collagen benefits for skin and hair Strengthens hair

It provides many benefits in strengthening hair follicles, as it renews them, which reduces hair loss and makes it thick. Rejuvenates skin cells: Although it is a useful protein for the entire human body, its benefits are largely reflected on the skin; A study showed that women who took collagen pills for eight weeks experienced a 20% reduction in wrinkles and fine lines. Moisturizes the skin

: It provides the necessary hydration and softness for the face and skin in general, reduces the pores of the skin, and slows the sagging phase of the skin associated with aging, in addition to reducing cellulite, and skin stretch marks; Because it makes the skin more elastic

Benefits of collagen pills
collagen pills

Collagen benefits the bones and joints

it restores the cartilage between the joints by helping to produce it naturally in the body. Maintains the normal level of hormones in the body: by balancing amino acids in the body, and promoting natural protein production in the body. Promotes digestion: Eating collagen enhances the health of the digestive system, and speeds up the digestion process

Collagen Pills Side Effects

The side effects of taking collagen supplements vary depending on the type of supplement that is being used. For example, pills may cause allergic reactions; Because most of these pills are made from animal sources, such as: cows and poultry, as for collagen injections, they may cause irritation and burning on the skin, not to mention the very expensive price of collagen creams and ointments

Collagen recipes for skin and hair Natural collagen mask for skin tightening

This mask consists of an egg white, two tablespoons of yogurt, and a tablespoon of natural collagen powder, mix the ingredients well, then paint on the face, leave until dry and then wash with warm water. Collagen mask to strengthen hair: This mask is prepared by mixing two tablespoons of coconut oil, two tablespoons of olive oil, and a tablespoon of collagen, then paints the mask on the hair, leaves for thirty minutes, then washes the hair with shampoo and warm water

Collagen benefits and side effects

Collagen is the main protein in the connective tissues of muscles, skin, ligaments, cartilage and bones of the human body. It accounts for twenty-five percent of the proteins in mammals. It is characterized by its long fibrous structure, which makes it different in its function from spherical proteins and other enzymes. Collagen fibers are responsible for the hardness of bones and teeth. For humans, it maintains the freshness of the skin and protects it from wrinkles, and begins to decrease gradually with age

Collagen is absorbed into the body through the blood circulation very quickly due to the lightness of its molecules, thus reaching the cells of the body faster, as the human body absorbs ninety-five percent of the natural collagen taken orally within twelve hours, and gives effective results

. Collagen is used in the cosmetics industry, in addition to its medicinal uses, where the loss of natural collagen leads to the appearance of wrinkles in certain areas of the face. The face is injected with collagen, which in turn hides these wrinkles, and continues for a whole year without side effects

Sources of obtaining collagen

Natural collagen can be obtained from various natural sources, including: Fish: Tuna and salmon contain a high percentage of omega-3 fatty acids, in which there is a large amount of collagen. Red vegetables: Tomatoes, red peppers and beets contain liquin and antioxidants

which in turn resist sunlight and protect the skin from damage. Dark greens: Spinach and kale contain vitamin C, which speeds up collagen production. Orange vegetables: They are found in sweet potatoes and carrots, as they contain vitamin A that restores damaged collagen in the skin, in addition to garlic, berries, white tea, citrus fruits and oysters

Collagen may help strengthen bones, and promote healthy teeth and gums. May contribute to weight loss, improve heart health, and strengthen immunity. It may improve the health of fingernails and toenails. It may improve hair health, thicken it and increase its luster. Helps restore body cells, and relieve joint pain. Maintains the freshness and health of the skin, and reduces the appearance of starvation

collagen pills
collagen pills

Collagen damage Scientific studies have proven that there is no harm or side effects to collagen, but there are people who have had some symptoms related to the digestive system such as bloating, heartburn, and a feeling of fullness, taking into account not to overeat these capsules

, and it is preferable to consult a medical doctor before Eat it, and eat it at the specified and allowed times. It is worth noting that if you are allergic to certain foods, be sure to buy nutritional supplements that do not contain these allergens