8- Secrets of the game Revenge of Sultans


8- Secrets of the game Revenge of Sultans

Today there are many games spread on various websites, and to you today is one of the most important electronic games, which is the game of revenge of the sultans, and it is one of the war games preferred by many young men and girls, and it was able in a short time to attract many From young people, and it is heavily downloaded day after day, and it also has a unique character that distinguishes it from other games, and today we will address the most important secrets of the game Revenge of Sultans

Secrets of obtaining gold and resources in the game Revenge of Sultans
And in that game, if you want to get a lot of resources, it became easy after the update, and it is through a number of steps that we explain below

First, you have to click on the prince’s image
After that, click on the gear sign in the lower right, if the game is in the Arabic version, or the left if the English version

game Revenge of Sultans

Then click on Choose Invitation

Choose the option for the link invitation on the right
There is a field for entering a code, enter the following code (6c5426c6b9)

Click on receive the prize, and now you will get a large package of resources in a short time

Now you can increase the size of your castle

Secrets of the game Revenge of Sultans
The design of this game dates back to the Middle Ages, and it represents the style of war in this period

The game is one of the free games that you do not need to pay any amount to play

It has a unique and amazing design as well as an unconventional game, and it has not appeared like it in recent times

The game contains various graphics that attract everyone to complete the game
The game actually embodies the various things that are present in the war, which makes it one of the best games of this kind

Everyone in this game seeks to win, and to gain glory in order to become the Sultan

You can play this game on your mobile phone anytime and anywhere

This game enables the creation of various alliances with friends at any time, as it is based on the principle of teamwork, and therefore you choose friends and they must be strong and able to face enemies in order to maintain your position in the game
During the game, you must strengthen the prince, as he must be a famous prince and have a high level

You can diversify the types of soldiers, because each player has soldiers, knights and archers, and they also have war chariots that are used in combat

The game is based on building a castle and then defending it, which is the focus and basis of this game

The game contains different live sounds that make it exciting, which is one of the most important features of this game, and makes those who play it feel natural

Each player in the game has many soldiers, which he trains well before they are sent to fight, in order to win this battle

Through the game, you can communicate with individuals who play with you, and communicate with various alliances, and this is through quick chat, and this is what makes it more interesting for players.

The game displays various chat messages in one screen, which is the screen on which players and alliance members appear

games for adults
games for adults

In addition to that in the game, the primary goal must be that you seek to achieve it, is to create the city and protect it from attacks

The game is exposed to various updates that occur periodically, making it continuously playable

– Updates also solve the various problems that players are exposed to, so it is preferable to work on updating the game constantly, in order to ensure the best level of play

In a short time, it has become one of the most popular electronic games, and various young people from all over the world are offered to play it

The game motivates players to get rid of any enemies, and strive to reach the position of sultan and gain the glory that sultans and kings dream of, hence the secret in its name

The game urges to give the spirit of cooperation among people in general, as it seeks to strengthen the spirit of team play and stand in order to achieve only one goal, which is victory

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