7- Top 10 games for adults


7- Top 10 games for adults

Jarir Bookstore is one of the largest offices in the Kingdom, providing many products in the educational field and entertainment games for all tastes, ages and genders as well. Jarir Bookstore contains many games that develop mental skills and includes intelligence games for children to develop their creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. Through these simple games that reduce the damage of electronic games

Top ten games on Jarir Bookstore
If you are a fan of electronic games on your smartphone or computer, Jarir offers many electronic and non-electronic games that you can use, such as the game Revenge of Sultans

jenga game
One of the best intelligence games, and it is a classic game that combines laughter, suspense and strategic thinking

This game will make you spend a beautiful time with your family, children or friends as well and will give the atmosphere more adventure, laughter and joke while playing, it will teach your children to think in problem solving, learn teamwork, strategic thinking, make plans to win and sportsmanship

games for adults
games for adults

It is a word game consisting of a wooden board and letters that you install on the wooden board to form words with it. This wonderful game, which is recommended for children over the age of five years and adults, makes you enjoy with the family the installation of letters and the formation of words

dream gear
It is a portable gaming device that will bring back all the sweet memories of the old games you used to play during childhood, as this adorable little device contains 200 old games with many childhood memories

Play Ultra Vista
Let’s go back again from non-electronic games. This game is one of the card games that will help you keep your children away from technology a little, and host you and your family an atmosphere of fun, fun and reunion

Forza Horizon 4 game
It is a racing video game for lovers of speed and is the fourth part of the Forza Horizon games series. This game works on Xbox One and Windows computers, and it is available on Jarir Library

FIFA 19 Xbox One game
For football lovers, Jarir FIFA 19 library that works on PlayStation, Xbox and Microsoft platforms, with many additions made by the game and updates for players, also put in this version old players such as Argentine Maradona, Soviet goalkeeper Lev Yashin, French Henry, Brazilian Pele and Ronaldo in the process Exclusive is Ultimate Team, and they’ve also bought the rights to the Champions League so it’s part of the game

Call of Duty Black Ops 4
One of the most powerful fighting and war games is the Call of Duty series of games, it is a first-person shooter game and the ability to play with your friends on the Internet, developed by Treyarch and published by Activision, is the fourth part of the Black Ops series, published for you to play On PlayStation, Microsoft and Xbox One platforms

Spiderman playstation 4 game
It is one of the most famous games adapted from the characters of the superheroes, which is the hero Spider-Man, as the game covers all aspects of the character of Peter Parker and Spider-Man, and it is one of the most famous games in Jarir Bookstore and the best-selling

Sega Sega
Let’s go back to the past with the beautiful memories of childhood with the old games installed on the Sega Genesis flashback platform, which includes 58 old games

Atari Atari
This game with 80 old installed games will also bring you back to the good times and you can take it anywhere because it is the size of a smartphone

games for adults
games for adults

Puzzle Games For Adults

Crossword Puzzle
A crossword puzzle is a puzzle game that typically consists of a grid that is further divided into multiple small square-shaped blocks. The small square boxes are either filled with black color or are empty. The main idea behind the game is to fill the empty blocks of the grid with appropriate letters and alphabets to form words. The clues to fill the grid with words is provided along with the game. This particular game helps a person learn new words and concepts that help in improving vocabulary and general knowledge. Also, by playing such games a person can practice or revise his/her existing knowledge

Jigsaw Puzzle
Jigsaw puzzles are one of the most common puzzle games that people of all ages can play. The complexity of the jigsaw puzzle games designed for adults is generally higher than the jigsaw puzzle games designed for kids. Such games typically contain a number of irregularly shaped puzzle pieces and a baseboard

The main objective of the game is to arrange the broken pieces of the game on the baseboard of the game in such a way that they fit each other perfectly and form a complete picture when joined in a unique manner. Such games are entertaining as well as a great source of developing and improving mental abilities such as pattern recognition capability, motor skills, problem-solving skills, and many more

Block Puzzle
A digital block puzzle typically consists of an interface screen on which a number of asynchronous digital blocks appear randomly. These digital blocks generally vary in size, shape, and color. The main aim of the game is to attach the game objects or blocks together in the most potential logical manner. The algorithm that runs the game tends to eliminate the blocks from the screen once a row or a column of the screen gets completely filled with blocks and generates a score accordingly

The player playing the blocks puzzle game tries to eliminate the maximum number of blocks from the game screen as fast as possible. This particular game helps a person improve his/her critical thinking ability, spontaneous response capability, and motor skills. The block puzzles can also be played in multiple player mode that provides the players with a chance to compete against each other and build skills together. Some of the traditional paper and cardboard versions of the game are also available in the market

Number Slide Puzzle
A number puzzle is a puzzle game that falls into the mathematical puzzle games subcategory. It typically consists of a rectangular or square-shaped wooden frame. A set of congruent wooden blocks are placed inside the frame. The blocks are free to slide inside the frame along the horizontal or vertical direction. The blocks are marked with numbers or alphabets on their top

The main aim of the game is to slide the blocks inside the frame in such a way that the blocks get aligned either in ascending format or in descending format. Block puzzles help a person improve his/her information processing and retaining capability, motor skills, hand to eye coordination, and problem-solving skills. Also, this particular game helps a person to effectively recognize similarities, patterns, and orders that exist between different objects

Sudoku is one of the most common puzzle games that people of all age groups including children as well as adults can play for educational as well as entertainment purposes. It typically consists of a parent grid that is further divided into smaller squares of equal dimensions. The dimensions of a basic sudoku grid are generally 9 x 9

The smaller squares contained by the sudoku are further grouped together to form the sub-grids or the children grids. A usual 9 x 9 sized sudoku typically consists of 9 sub-grids. The main idea behind playing sudoku is to fill the grid in such a way that each row, each column, and each subgrid is filled with numbers 1 to 9 without any repetition. Sudoku helps a person improve his ability to Memrise things and retain information. Also, it helps in developing a firm grip on pattern recognition, quick information processing, and decision-making skills

Brain Teasers

Brain teasers are the appetizers for the mind is one of the most famous sayings. Brain teasers tend to form yet another example of the simple puzzle games that help a person learn and develop various skills such as memorizing ability, information retaining capacity, observation, etc. Solving brain teasers also help a person improve his/her critical and logical thinking ability

The answer to a brain teaser question is generally hidden within the problem statement only. Brain teasers can either be in the form of a riddle, picture puzzles, or optical illusions. Such puzzle games help in enhancing a person’s ability to apply a logical approach to find the solution to certain problematic situations in real life

Rubik’s Cube
A Rubik’s cube is a classic example of the puzzle games that one can play to enhance his/her ability to concentrate or focus on things, enhance pattern-recognition and problem-solving skills, improve hand to eye coordination, etc. Rubik’s cube was invented by a Hungarian professor of architecture and sculptor Erno Rubik in 1974. In simple words, a Rubik’s cube is a three-dimensional puzzle that consists of a cube with 12 cubies attached to the edge of the main cube

8 cubies present on the corners of the parent cube, and one core present right in the middle of all the cubies. Solving a Rubik’s cube helps a person learn about ratios, proportions, permutations, combinations, and fractions. This improves the numerical reasoning ability of the player. There are a variety of Rubik’s cubes available in the market such as a mirror cube, a pocket cube, a standard cube, a master cube, a professor cube, and many more. The number of layers that a Rubik’s cube can have may go up to 33. The complexity of the Rubik’s cube typically increases with an addition of the layers