8- What is middle son syndrome


8- What is middle son syndrome

?What does middle child syndrome mean

Children acquire feelings and feelings through their interactions with their mothers, and this stage begins with the child from the stage of pregnancy, but there are children who suffer from psychological disorders and symptoms in their early years or are isolated and withdrawn from people even far from parents, because he feels that he is not interested in him and this feeling is due to the treatment of parents Orientation incorrectly and all of this is the cause of middle child syndrome

Doctors say that middle child syndrome is symptoms of a disorder that children develop at the beginning of childhood, and this is the result of disorders within the family or the presence of impurities or problems within the family. What is the middle child

because the eldest child always gets the attention and appreciation of parents, because the first or eldest son is the first joy and happiness of this family, and the youngest son always gets all the pampering to a great degree, while the middle child does not receive attention and pampered like them, and this neglect may be a reason It has a strong detrimental effect on the proper psychological and emotional development of the middle child and of course it will affect the physical health of the middle child as well

middle son syndrome
middle son syndrome

Dr. Heba El-Shahawi, professor of psychiatry, also added that among the causes of the syndrome is the placement of great trust by parents and family members for the eldest son more than the middle child, and this comes in the form of giving some important tasks or great responsibilities to the eldest son and the younger son being pampered and not being held accountable for committing

The mistakes of his young age and the middle son does not take trust like the older brother and does not pamper like the younger brother, but he is also punished when he commits any mistake or like the mistakes committed by the younger brother in particular, and that makes him feel persecuted

Dr. Shaheen Raslan, Professor of Mental Health, said that the eldest son is always the first experience acquired by the mother, so she gives him all the attention and care and increases his pregnancy and leaves him only a little, in addition to the extra attention that the eldest son gets from all family members, not only the fathers, and when he grows up the family begins Assigning him some tasks, but the middle child comes after the mother gains experience from the older child

so she does not carry him most of the time like the first child, but it is possible to leave him even when he cries or screams because she will be fully aware that carrying the child at this time or carrying him for a long time is a wrong habit. But this will develop in the middle child a negative form and he will see it as a lack of sufficient attention and care for him, and this image will be more confirmed in him after the presence of a child younger than him who is always pampered

middle child neglect

The problem of the poor child syndrome begins after parents or family members neglect the middle child at the birth of a younger child, and he responds that his younger brother gets the great attention and care that he wishes to obtain for himself, and also sees that his older brother after taking over the tasks and works becomes in turn the focus of the admiration of parents and all members of the family

The family This act results in the middle child feeling inferior and lacking in self-confidence as well as isolation, and it is also possible to feel jealousy and hatred towards his brothers

Beginning in the family

Psychiatrists confirmed that the only treatment for middle child syndrome is from within the family to prevent the middle child from acquiring any negative feeling, by following the following

Giving the middle child the confidence that is given to the older child by giving him some tasks and works appropriate for his age in order to gain him self-confidence
He must feel the trust of parents and family members in him like the trust sent to the eldest son

Do not pamper the younger brother in an exaggerated manner or in a larger size than pampering the middle child, because this will generate jealousy in him towards the younger brother
It is preferable to consult a psychotherapist when the affected child’s feelings turn into aggression or isolation in order to correct the child’s behavior in addition to guiding parents for correct educational methods

It is not enough to give the middle child the clothes and supplies of the older child, but he must buy his own clothes and supplies

Parents should be keen to spend enough time with the middle child and take care of him sharing the activities and hobbies he prefers, and this is important because it makes him feel the parents’ interest in him
Paying attention to listening to his views when conducting any discussion within the family and respecting his opinions, because this is another reason to enhance his self-confidence and to enhance his feeling that he is the focus of the attention of parents and family

Not allowing the eldest son or the youngest son to analyze the middle brother’s personality as neglectful or unpopular with others

Not to be prejudiced against the middle child when any quarrels erupt between brothers, so that he does not feel persecuted, but rather knows the real mistake

A complete distance from making comparisons between the middle child and his older or younger siblings, but rather praising him for his positive qualities

Do not always treat the middle child as a small child, but give him some small household participations to develop a sense of responsibility within him, and it must be taken into account that these participations or these household tasks are commensurate with his age, skills and abilities according to his age

Develop independence and distinction in the middle child so that he does not feel that he is inferior to the older brother or the younger brother, but rather equal with them in all matters

The middle child should not be forced to become a duplicate of the older brother or to follow the same fields as the older brother, but rather give him space to choose what he will be and choose what he likes
Flexibility and understanding should be developed in the middle child, so as to easily share with the older brother in playing or practicing skills, and also be caring and caring for the younger brother

Middle child features
The middle child is the most among his siblings who feel free, after the eldest son gets the focus of attention and the younger son gets care and pampering, the middle child feels more free than his brothers because he is unattended and free

middle son syndrome
middle son syndrome

The middle child never feels lonely because there is always someone to play with, whether it is his older brother or younger brother.
Because of the closeness of his age to the older brother and the younger brother, he earns the love of his brothers

He gets the good experience from the mother after the mother gains this experience from the first child

He has all the games for the eldest son and the youngest son

His learning of the fateful stages, such as toilet training or joining the nursery school, because the older brother is always by his side
He gained many friends due to the presence of his brothers’ friends by his side in addition to his friends

He has the skill of negotiation, dialogue and persuasion in conversation to get what he wants because of his arrangement among his brothers and his learning from the experiences of the older brother