4- Oedipus complex


4- Oedipus complex

The Oedipus complex

is the analysis reached by the Austrian doctor Sigmund Fured, who was inspired by the famous Greek myth called “Oedipus”, a psychological complex that affects the male who is attached to his mother and is related to her to the extent that he hates his father because he shares his mother

which leads That matter leads to hatred against him and an attempt to keep him away from her, which is a complex that corresponds to the Electra complex that arises in the female because of the father’s love to a large degree, and the Oedipus complex in psychological analyzes indicates a group of pent-up feelings in the child

The legend of Oedipus

means swollen feet, and the events of the novel revolve around the Greek king, who was predicted by a fortune-teller that his son would kill him, marry his wife, and replace him. He gets rid of it at the top of the mountain, but the servant’s compassion for the child made him sell it to a shepherd in the vicinity of the mountain

Over the years and days, another king adopted the child Oedipus, and when he grew up and wanted to return to his country, he quarreled with his father and killed him. As soon as he arrived in his country, he participated in a competition to find out the following puzzle: “What animal walks at four in the morning, at two in the afternoon, and at three in the evening?” Marrying the widow of King Leos, Oedipus knew the answer to the riddle and was able to marry his mother, not knowing that she was his mother

Oedipus complex
Oedipus complex

Behaviors of the Oedipus complex

The person with an Oedipus complex feels that his mother cares more about his father than he does. He feels that his parents are turning away from him, which leads to his stress and anxiety and living in a world full of fantasies and nightmares. The child wants to sleep next to his parents. The child assumes the character of his father until he takes his place. When the stage of the disease reaches a serious stage, the phenomenon of the child’s fear for his genitals begins strongly. The child behaves hostilely towards his father, and tries to prevent his mother from going out with his father

Treatment of the Oedipus complex

The Oedipus complex can exist in every human being, and it may reach a very dangerous stage, for this psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud suggested a set of suggestions for parents’ dealing with their children, and the most important of these tips are: Treating children equally at home, and not discriminating between them because of sex. The mother and father’s endeavor to provide an equal amount of punishment and punishment to the boy or girl, in order to avoid the child’s growing sense of injustice from one of the parents

The end of the Oedipus complex

The Oedipus complex ends in children as soon as they reach the fifth year, as the child realizes at this age that he cannot be in the place of his father, so the child may search when he grows up for a life partner who resembles his mother, and the woman also seeks a man who looks like her father when she is injured with electra knot

Psychological problems and solutions

Depression misunderstands this disorder by many people. It is not considered just feelings that a person can get rid of by not thinking or preoccupied with something else. It is not considered a deficiency, defect, lack of faith, or weakness in a person. Most of the time, he cannot control these feelings and cannot control these feelings. Putting an end to it, and therefore requires medical intervention to solve this problem, which may worsen if it is left untreated

Depression is a very common and serious mental disorder that affects the body, mood, and thoughts, as well as a person’s daily life, work, and social relationships. The person suffers from sadness, depression, loss of pleasure, suicidal desire, and victimization. Other related problems such as anxiety, sleep disorders, eating disorders and others are generated. Poetry feels low self-esteem, guilt, anger and despair

fatigue and stress

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

is a serious mental and psychological disorder that requires prompt treatment, and is developed by experiencing a major traumatic trauma or witnessing a horrific accident, and as a response to abnormal symptoms that affect the way one’s life accustomed to it. After exposure to something painful, innate feelings of sadness, fear, anger, and depression begin to appear

and disappear after a short period. But the person with this disorder has these abnormal feelings and symptoms, and may even worsen, for more than a month after the trauma if early treatment is not taken

Generalized anxiety disorder

Anxiety can be considered a disease of this age because it is widely spread among people, some realize that they have it and others deny it. Generalized anxiety disorder is characterized by the presence of severe and excessive anxiety symptoms about things that did not happen, but the person is in a state of anticipation of danger, causing tension for himself and the people around him

and his anxiety is characterized by being unrealistic and inappropriate for the situation that happened with him, so he intimidates the event and gives it greater than its size. This anxiety also causes physical symptoms such as sweating, rapid heart rate, insomnia, headaches, difficulty concentrating, and other symptoms that hinder him from living his life normally. They may have other accompanying disorders such as panic disorder, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or depression

Oedipus complex
Oedipus complex

The solutions to these psychological problems

We can divide the proposed solutions for any psychological problems into sections, including: One of the symptoms of these disorders or controlling them so that the person can live his life normally and normally. Psychotherapy treats the recurring difficulties of daily living

such as the loss of a person or illness. or specific psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. The types of psychotherapy vary according to the cases, and it can be relied upon in addition to another type of treatment such as medication and others


Medicines are considered solutions that help relieve the symptoms of mental disorders, or are supportive of other types of treatment, but they do not completely end the disease. There are major classes commonly used to treat most disorders, and they are: [5] Antidepressants. antipsychotics; Mood stabilizers. Anxiolytics