5- Feasibility study of a laying hens breeding project

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5- Feasibility study of a laying hens breeding project

Feasibility study of the laying hens breeding project; Is it really a profitable project compared to its cost What are the most important requirements for investing in it? How are laying hens raised in batteries

Feasibility study of the laying hens breeding project; It is no secret that this project is fraught with many challenges and indeed requires experience and know-how in the field. But it is also considered profitable if it is invested according to a good strategy. Eggs are a constant product and a rich source of protein that rivals even red meat. Herein lies the importance of a feasibility study that covers all components of the project in order to avoid any uncalculated surprises that may waste time and effort in order to profit in the project

Motives for investing in laying hens breeding project
The laying hens breeding project is the ideal choice for many young people for the following reasons

The capital cycle is fast in this project
Ease of marketing table eggs and the high demand for it throughout the year
The abundance of project requirements and the appropriate atmosphere for farmers to establish it
Legal facilities provided for such agricultural projects
The risk is there, but it is not high if the expertise and trained technical cadres are available
The project waste is not harmful to the environment, but on the contrary, the waste is used as a natural fertilizer for the soil

The location and area of ​​the laying hens breeding project in Batteries

The first indicator that affects the success rate of the project is the good selection of the site and the correct control of its area according to several factors as follows

The most appropriate location for the project is chosen according to several factors, the most important of which are

Ease of transportation leading to it and the availability of transportation
Provides energy sources such as electricity and water
The location is far from the populated urban area
Flat ground helps air in and out to ensure good ventilation

The area allocated for investment varies according to the size of the investment, for example, for a capacity of 4800 chickens, the building needs more than 400 square meters. 80% of this space is directed to the production department, i.e. batteries, and the rest is divided into an office and a bathroom, in addition to the raw materials storage department and the product storage department. The egg laying hens must have the following factors

The construction is compatible with the conditions of lighting, heat and insulation, and fleece wool can be used to insulate the walls of the wards
The floor is better if it is hard and not dirt so it is easy to clean it every 2-3 days
Provide places for laying eggs that are isolated from the place where food is placed to ensure its cleanliness and prevent diseases

laying hens breeding
laying hens breeding

Challenges facing the laying hens project in Batteries
Like any agricultural and commercial project at the same time, the profitability of the table egg production project is affected by the following factors

Climate disruption because egg production is affected by climate change and ecological factors
The spread of diseases such as Newcastle and influenza, viral and bacterial pneumonia, big head virus

egg drop virus
Fluctuations in the financing of raw materials such as the occurrence of crises, for example
Economic factors such as the entry and dumping of new competitors into the market
However, difficulties can be remedied by conducting a feasibility study for the laying hens breeding project, following the appropriate strategy, and providing the stipulated requirements

Requirements for profit in the laying hens breeding project
Despite the many challenges, some experience and good management are sufficient to overcome these difficulties, by

On the economic front
In order to avoid unpleasant surprises that may encounter the egg trade, you must

Study the market to adapt to its needs and avoid price fluctuations
Develop a well-studied marketing strategy that matches the market size and capabilities
On the technical side
There are several technical requirements that affect egg productivity and are very influential factors in the success of the project, the most important of which are

Choose the right breed
The genetic composition of the breeds greatly affects the egg productivity, as the hens of the commercial genetically improved breeds give a productivity of 280 eggs per year. It is also possible to rely on hybrid breeds in a natural way, such as Plymouth Rock, Andalusian, gray hen and red hen, which come on top of well-productive breeds. The quality of the available strains varies from one country to another, as well as the type of eggs consumed

Provide adequate lighting
Starting at the age of 5 months, i.e. after 20 weeks, the lighting regime begins to vary from 13 hours to 15 or 16 hours, depending on the breed. Electric lighting can also be highly relied upon, especially on short days. It should be noted that the lack of illumination leads to hormonal imbalances that in turn lead to disruption of egg production, as it is considered a sexual stimulus for ovulation. Therefore, the duration of the lighting must be strictly adhered to and its compatibility with the age of the chicken

Information! Exposing the chicks before 5 months to intense lighting leads to premature laying of small egg sizes and premature impotence later

Provide an ideal temperature
It is done by having good insulation in the building, and heaters and hay mats can also be used for chickens in order to provide adequate heating. The appropriate temperature for laying hens varies according to the resistance of the breed to cold, as the minimum temperature ranges between 13, 14 to 25 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for a good product. Where in the event of a lack of heat, chickens resort to converting nutrients into energy in order to heat the body instead of using them to produce eggs, and thus the productivity is disturbed

good nutrition
The ideal nutrition depends on the quantity and quality, as it provides balanced proportions of nutrients in balanced quantities that do not exceed 90 to 120 grams per day of the compound feed for the laying hens found in the house only. Feeding ratios also vary with different breeds, regions, concentration of nutrients in grains, and the degree of dependence on vitamins and food additives

to contain calcium
In order for the nutrition to be useful in egg production, the elements of light and heat must first be provided. After that, the main component on which the laying hens feed is calcium. Where the weakness of the eggshell and paper is the most prominent indicator of the lack of this nutrient

to be balanced
The proportions of corn and soybeans must be balanced in the feed, because they contain fats that may increase the weight of the chicken if they are available in abundance

Fighting diseases with vaccines
This is in order to avoid diseases, especially respiratory ones, as they infect the lung and cause infections in the ovary, which affects egg productivity. These diseases usually affect the chicks and leave ovarian abnormalities in the long term. Therefore, diseases are combated by raising immunity and following an appropriate vaccination program every month and a half or every two months; Especially if the chickens go out to the farm

Supplies for laying hens breeding project in Batteries

It consists of equipment, raw materials and various supplies to operate the project, including

Project raw materials
These include laying hens, fodder, egg dishes, and some indispensable medicines and vaccines

laying hens breeding project equipment
The laying hens breeding project equipment is as follows

poultry batteries
helicopters, at least 2
Humidifier cooling device
scraper to remove waste
Electric generator and water tank
fire extinguishers
In addition to the office equipment for the office

Economic feasibility study for a laying poultry project
In this context, the investment and operational costs of the project, in addition to the net return, must be studied as follows

Project cost of laying chicken batteries

As for the project headquarters, it is sufficient to rent the amber, as for the other expenses, they can be estimated for a project with an area of ​​440 square meters, in the following way

The cost of production equipment and machinery is estimated at 27 thousand dollars

The cost of 4800 laying hens was estimated at 18 thousand dollars

Office supplies were valued at $1,300

In addition to operating expenses and other supplementary expenses, the opening budget estimated, or rather, the cost of the laying chicken battery project at about $60,000

Is egg production profitable
According to a feasibility study of the laying hens project to invest the same size estimated at 4800 laying hens, the project is profitable with a net income of $5,000 annually. As for the project cost recovery period, it was estimated at one year and four months

Table egg production project
As a whole, the project needs at least 4 workers, whose responsibilities are distributed as follows

Project owner manager
He is responsible for the production department, where he supervises the feeding of poultry, cleaning the house and isolating dead chickens. It also collects and stores eggs

veterinary doctor
He supervises the inspection of chickens from time to time and their vaccination, in addition to monitoring their feeding and supplying them with valleys that help improve production

professional worker
He is keen on packing the egg product, arranging its dishes and preparing it for sale and marketing

a guard
Its mission is to protect the facility, preferably with a good structure and insight

Marketing for a table egg production project

laying hens breeding
laying hens breeding

The products of the table egg production project are marketed by displaying it on the egg selling pages on social media and distributing visiting cards to customers and institutions. But in general, it is easy to market this project due to the presence of a large segment of potential customers for it, including

Retailers and shop owners
Bakeries, sweets shops and restaurants of all kinds
Governmental institutions with restaurants such as hospitals, schools and universities
Military stations, etc

So, the feasibility study of a laying poultry project, the most important 6 requirements for profit, is the most important point for starting this project, which is considered a productive agricultural activity in the first place, and a commercial activity in the second degree. Although the project of raising laying hens in batteries is considered one of the most difficult projects in the poultry sector

it is not impossible to materialize. Where the investor must show savvy and good management and deal with the challenges presented. The table egg production project is also considered to have an encouraging income, especially in light of the ease of availability of raw materials, the high demand for its final products and the ease of marketing them

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