3- Foods that make canaries sing


3- Foods that make canaries sing

Foods that make the canary sing and what is the favorite canary food. We will also mention the conditions of the canary shelter. We will also answer about when the canary begins to sing. We will also talk about how to raise canaries at home. All of these topics you will find through this article

Foods that make canaries sing

There are some things that the canary bird prefers that make him sing and rejoice a lot, such as
. He should have food to provide him with calcium
. Providing a mixture or mixture of grains that are preferred to be taken
.Provide fresh water


. It is required that he be in good health and a friend to you, and we must bear in mind that some foods are fatal to him, so you must continue reading in this area to preserve the life of your bird

 Foods that make canaries sing
Foods that make canaries sing

Canary’s favorite food
. vegetables and fruits
After washing them well, a good amount of vegetables and fruits should be offered daily, with different types such as apples, cherries, peas, cucumbers, pumpkin, cabbage, dark green lettuce, beets, spinach and sweet potatoes. and carrots

. Compound pellets
Compound pellets can be provided in place of a variety of seeds to meet all of the birds’ needs, and the bird owner should introduce them gradually and reduce their ration of seeds per day until they get used to and love them. It takes 4 to 8 weeks
. Squid bone
A good source of vitamins and minerals that canaries need

colored feed
Colored feed can be obtained from bird seed outlets and added to drinking water in order to maintain the color of the plumage
. Salt
Salt (sodium chloride) is an essential nutrient that works with potassium to regulate fluid balance and muscle spasms, so after mixing it well with seeds and green leaves such as silver beets and dandelions, very little salt can be introduced to canaries
The leaves are a good source of potassium, but you should be careful, because excessive salt intake causes many health problems in birds

Canary shelter conditions
The canary cage should be approximately 18″ wide x 14″ long x 18″ high, with metal bars spaced no more than 3/8″ apart
Canaries are well adapted to average household temperatures, not exceeding 80 degrees Fahrenheit, beware of sharp temperature changes

The habitat should be located outside the ground in a well-lit area, away from drafts

. This makes a good shelter for one canary; It is highly recommended, and it is best to provide the largest possible shelter cage. The perch should be at least 3 inches long and 1/4-1/2 in diameter, and a variety of perch sizes are recommended to exercise feet and help prevent arthritis

. Metal mesh will keep over the bird dung tray away from the droppings, cover the litter tray with habitat paper or an appropriate substrate, to facilitate cleaning to avoid contamination, do not place food or water containers under the roost

. The canary can also be kept with at least one other canary, and preferably more, but do not harbor canaries together, and different types of birds should not be housed together. Canaries must also be raised daily by parents or kept in pairs to bond with each other

When does the canary start tweeting
The first thing that we can know the difference between male and female in Australian birds in pictures is the nose, or what is known by it in sparrows and birds. Australian bird breeders often find the difference between male and female in this place

The difference between the male and female in the Australian birds in pictures and we start by mentioning, but in order to differentiate between them through the bellows area, the age of the birds must exceed eight months in order for their gender to appear in that area clearly, but if they are not of this age, it will be difficult to differentiate between them by belling In general, the color of the bellows is brown in the female, while in the male the bellows area is blue

There are other things from which we can know the difference between male and female Australian birds in pictures, which are: The famous Australian male bird is always cheerful, singing and a lot of movement, unlike the female Australian bird, which is always of a quiet type and does not like a lot of movement, and this It makes him more aggressive than the male, especially on humans

How to raise canary at home
When buying a canary, you should look for small birds that have good feathers, which are characterized by activity and attention, and read about the method of canary breeding for beginners
. Most of the time, we find that the male canaries are active singers
. Each pair must be placed in its own cage for breeding and raising young
3-You can buy those cages with holes that allow them to move from specialized stores for birds

Foods that make canaries sing
Foods that make canaries sing

In winter, be careful not to put cages in very cold places
. Adequate protection must be provided to the canary bird
. Maintaining its cleanliness so as not to be infected with any kind of diseases or parasites
. The canary bird feeds on seeds as their main food

The best vegetables and fruits for birds

As a general rule, vegetables and fruits that are dark inside and out, such as peppers and carrots, have a higher nutritional value compared to dark-colored vegetables and fruits from the inside, such as lettuce and cucumbers, so it is preferable to give priority to dark vegetables and fruits, especially during the breeding period because birds need a greater amount of nutrients in these stage

But not all vegetables, fruits and their dark green leaves are good for birds, and some of them can lead to poisoning. Learn about toxic foods for birds here

The following list summarizes the best vegetables, fruits, and dark plants that can be safely introduced to birds

Hot and sweet peppers, spinach, watercress, radish and broccoli leaves, raw or boiled carrots, boiled sweet potatoes, raw or boiled corn, oranges, yellow pears, bananas, loquats or loquats, yellow figs, watermelon and cantaloupe, beetroot or beets, cherries and berries, watercress and dandelion

It is not recommended to offer lettuce and cucumber, especially in the breeding season because they contain a high water content and little nutritional value or benefit. Give priority to dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, watercress, radish, and broccoli, and firm dark vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, corn and peppers

What foods are toxic to birds? Learn about the most important harmful foods for pet birds and breeding

First: This article does not include all types of poisonous or harmful foods, and it must be realized that its content was presented in a simplified and general manner. For example, a particular food is not necessarily harmful to all types of birds. Also, certain types of food have a negative effect on a particular type of bird more than other birds

The best example of this is the avocado, as it contains a toxin to birds known as persin. Canaries and budgies are the birds most susceptible to the effects of this harmful substance in avocados. When eaten, these birds are exposed to serious respiratory problems within 12 hours of eating them, and usually die after a day or two. These cases have been observed in other birds, but some birds have not shown any symptoms