4- what is educational sex for children


4- what is educational sex for children

For most parents, the concept of sexual education for children remains limited to the idea of ​​an intimate relationship between a man and a woman. Therefore, we must first understand before our children that many of the religious and moral concepts that we seek to inculcate in our children and teach them are part of sexual education and education

The difference between sex education and

sexual culture
It is information on various topics related to several matters, not just sex itself as a practice between spouses only, such as the hadith of puberty and its signs, or the talk about purity, which is a broad jurisprudence that includes several matters such as

Ablution and its nullifiers



Take a shower


As well as talking about covering and the limits of the awrah for men and women, as well as talking about the veil, and all these matters are part of sexual education

sex education

educational sex
educational sex

If sexual education is about providing children with information, then sexual education is about training these children on the application in the sense of training them to cover the private parts, wear the veil, or follow the signs of puberty and the following of purity and the Sunnah’s of instinct

In raising our children, we need both sides, education and sexual education, because the world around us is changing. It is no longer confined to family and friends as we were raised. Rather, there is an open world that lies in the hands of our children, and we cannot control it. Therefore, our role becomes educating and educating our children to protect them from the dangers they face

Ali bin Abi Talib, may God be pleased with him, used to say, “Raise your children for a time other than your time.” If I cannot prevent them from the dangers of the outside world, I must work on preparation, education and guidance

Stages of sex education
Sexual education is divided into four stages, each stage has features and a way to deal and support children, namely

Sex education for children from 0-3 years old
It is the stage of discovery. Just as the child begins to discover his hands, eyes, hair and nose, he also begins to discover the genitals, especially at the stage of taking off the diaper, whether when changing it daily or when dispensing with it completely and starting to use the toilet

Your role as a mother at this stage includes several important points, starting with ignoring and laughing, and extending to a full and comprehensive explanation that you will find in the article on sexual education for children from 0-3 years, which will help you with all the information about sexual education at this stage

Sex education for children in the age group (3-6) years
This age stage of the child is linked to the feature of discovery and curiosity, and here the child discovers not himself as in the previous stage, but rather discovers the sexual identity of the world around him, so he begins to think

?Is papa a boy or a girl

?Is Tita a boy or a girl

?Are my mom and dad married

?Are human beings only two types are male and female

Thus, he continues to ask questions, whether inside him or on you all the time. This stage is the golden stage for the knowledge and knowledge of every child, and dialogue and gradation with the child in the sexual aspect in a way that suits his age, passes this stage in peace and prepares him for the next stage

Sex education for children aged 7-12 years

It is the pre-adolescent stage, and this stage is usually characterized by relative calm and stability if the right foundation for sexual education is built in the previous age stages

sex education for teens
This stage is a product of what was presented before in the previous stages. If it is dealt with correctly, this stage will be stable and calm, but if the opposite is done, this stage will be the worst of it all

Because of the spread of porn, pictures, movies, information and bad friends, the teenager is completely trapped and only survives with a good relationship with his mother and father and considers them the right source of information

The teenager needs some information and is exposed to some problems. Through this video, you will find all the points and information that you tell the teenager

Sexual behaviors in children
We must know that most children’s sexual behaviors are usually innate and very natural, as well as know that some of these behaviors are not normal and require us to intervene and resort to specialists

Abnormal sexual behaviors in children
Meaning problematic sexual behaviors in children that need intervention such as

Continuing to try to touch their genitals even though you or others try to distract them from doing something else

Inviting children or other people to participate in a sexual game or trying to touch their body

3- Looking at others, whether they are adults or children, when they are naked while changing their clothes or going to the toilet

. Using sexual language or words in their conversation (in the advanced age stages)

. Attempting to insert something into the anus or vagina of another person

. Entering games with a +18 mark, movies or sites with explicit sexual content (usually in adolescence)

. Following someone constantly because of liking or being attracted to him

. Practicing masturbation (in the advanced age stages)

. Playing with dolls or any other sexual games (in early childhood)

Here comes the role of the mother, teachers and caregivers in the constant observation of children’s behavior without noticeably excessive focus and without harmful neglect waiting for the situation to escalate

And every educator must learn how to raise children properly by recognizing age characteristics, needs and common problems. Therefore, if you, as an educator, are looking for a source to learn everything related to raising children correctly, gradually and divided for each age stage follow us for


educational sex
educational sex