7- How do I understand my child


7- How do I understand my child

In any situation, any problem or any difficulty you encounter with your child, you will begin to ask, How do I understand my child

The first and most successful step to understanding the child and finding the right solution is to measure each behavior on yourself

Put yourself in your child’s place
?Is my child comfortable

Imagine yourselves in the place of the child, wearing his clothes and sleeping in the same place, will you feel comfortable


My baby is very nervous and nervous, and I hit him

Imagine yourself in the place of the child in the same house with the same people and look for the reason for his nervousness, and then imagine that you are very nervous and someone hit you, how would you feel

?Should I regulate my baby’s feeding

Do you accept that someone organizes your meal timings? It prevents you from eating when you feel hungry; Because it’s not time to eat yet

I want to clean my baby from the nappy, what are the right steps

If you were your child, how would you make your separation from the diaper easier? Do you accept someone hitting you? Or to be threatened with burning to go to the bathroom

Do you accept that those around you encourage you and explain to you the importance and benefits of getting rid of the diaper

understand my child
understand my child

My child refuses medication

You are now a small child who does not like the taste of medicine, what is the way to convince you to drink it? Would you be happy if you were forced to drink it? Would you accept being beaten for drinking

Would you be happy if I told you about the importance of medicine to kill germs that cause disease

Every father and mother should put herself in the child’s place and deal with him accordingly

Your child is your support

I always used to tell everything, everything I felt and was on my mind, and everything that scared me too

One night, a few minutes before she fell asleep, we had a nice conversation

Me: “a treasure; I have a job in Turkey, and I’m sorry to have to leave you but I’m stressed and a little scared! I may have to leave you at night when you sleep

“Is it possible when you feel sleepy that you let Rola help you to sleep in the carriage

. literally replied, “Mama, I’m very much by your side. If I fall asleep, I’ll tell Rola and sleep in the carriage

I cried to God from my heart and hugged her tightly! The two-year-old girl put her hand on my cheek, and said: “Ruqi, Mama, Roqi,” she is the light of my eyes, my support and my whole life

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