5- How to make fried sea bream

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5- How to make fried sea bream

Denies fish
Fish is one of the marine products that people depend on as an important food source. It contains many important nutrients for the safety and health of his body, and it comes in many forms and types, and perhaps the most famous of which is the bream fish

The bream fish is one of the well-known fish in the world, and it is cooked in several ways, either roasted in the oven or on coal, or fried in oil, and perhaps the most prominent What distinguishes it is its delicious and distinctive taste, in addition to its diverse flavors, and it is generally known for its ease of preparation, and in this article we will present two different ways to fry sea bream

How to make fried bream fish

the ingredients
Fish preparation ingredients

kilograms of sea bream
A cup of vegetable oil
Three tablespoons of white flour
A piece of fresh lemon
pinch of salt
Pinch of black pepper

Sauce Ingredients

A quarter cup of fresh lemon juice
Four tablespoons of coarsely chopped parsley

make fried sea bream
make fried sea bream

How to prepare

Put the fish in a bowl, and season it with black pepper and salt
Squeeze fresh lemon on it, and mix the mixture
Put the flour in a bowl, dip the fish in it well, and set it aside for half an hour
Heat the oil in a frying pan over a low heat, put the fish in it, and leave it until it is cooked, taking care to turn it from both sides from time to time
Remove the fish from the oil, and place it on a paper napkin previously placed in a serving dish

Prepare the sauce

Mix chopped parsley with fresh lemon juice in a bowl
Pour the sauce over the fish in a serving dish

Fried sea bream fish with hot chili

the ingredients
One and a half kilograms of sea bream, peeled and gutted
Ten cloves of garlic
Five lemons
A century of hot green pepper
Half a tablespoon of hot chili
A tablespoon of chopped coriander

Half a teaspoon of crushed black pepper
A tablespoon of cumin powder
a tablespoon of salt
Ten tablespoons of white flour
Half a cup of oil for frying

How to prepare

Wash the fish well with water
Crush two cloves of garlic with a food pestle, then mix them with salt, and a quarter teaspoon of cumin
Squeeze one lemon over the mixture of cumin and garlic, distribute the mixture on the inside of the fish, put the fish in a bowl, and leave it to soak in the marinade for half an hour

Prepare the sauce

Crush the rest of the garlic in a bowl, add the coriander, salt, black pepper, the rest of the cumin, green pepper, and the juice of the rest of the fresh lemons, mix the ingredients together well, and leave the mixture aside

Dip the fish in flour so that it covers it completely, and put it on a tray
Heat the frying oil in a pot over a high heat, and put the fish in the oil, taking into account leaving it for two minutes on a high heat, then reduce the fire under it, and leave it for six minutes, taking into account the covering of the pot with a suitable lid

make fried sea bream
make fried sea bream

Flip the fish on the other side, and raise the heat under it for a minute, then reduce it for six minutes until the fish is cooked
Remove the fish from the bowl, and place it on a paper towel to absorb the frying oil
Pour the sauce over the fish so that it covers it all

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