9- The most dangerous electronic games for children


9- The most dangerous electronic games for children

Electronic games have spread greatly over the past years, and many researches have been conducted that have proven the harmful effect of these games on users, especially children

Mary’s electronic game
Maryam’s game is considered one of the most dangerous games that has been designed in the recent period. Mary’s game begins with a lost girl and uses the player to return to her home. During her return trip, she asks the player many personal questions such as his name, address in detail and some other personal data, and this is what angered many From people, especially Saudi citizens, because they saw in it a danger to their children and the disclosure of their data, and this game may push children to harm themselves as well

Blue whale game
The blue whale game works to completely wash the minds of children and adolescents in only fifty days, and in the end, the blue whale game pushes them to commit suicide, the blue whale game works by directing some challenges to the child or teenager, so the game requires torture and killing some animals and the participant has to photograph The video killing process and its broadcast

dangerous electronic games for children

It also asks the participant to cut off part of his body and torture himself, and wakes up late at night and thus disrupts his body system, and asks the participant not to talk to anyone and thus becomes an introverted person and enters into a state of depression, and the game continues. In her strange requests until the subscriber ends up committing suicide, after the game succeeds in exhausting his soul and mind

Sad Devil game
The sad devil game is considered one of the most dangerous electronic games, as it came from the deep web and was discovered by chance. The owners of the sad devil game send private claims to some people only, and they exploit children in that game with the aim of destroying the spirit of childhood and spreading violence and fear in the hearts of children, once Entering the game, many images appear, including the horrific, such as images of demons, murdered children, and sexual assaults, and some of them are images of famous people in the world who have already died

Pokemon Go game
The game of Pokemon Go quickly spread among children, they found it fun and entertainment, and although it is entertaining, the game Pokemon Go carries within it a great disaster, because the game depends mainly on the map surrounding the player and he looks inside the game as if he is looking into the camera of his mobile phone , where the game shows the pokemon directly in front of the player and determines the silent places next to him and orders him to go to those places quickly in order to get the pokemon in them before the deadline for that

This game gained wide fame and millions of children and teenagers around the world participated in it, and shortly after their participation, many accidents emerged from that game, mainly because the player does not look at the road around him, but rather looks at the camera in the game And it does not show cars, people and markets around the player, and therefore he falls into many accidents, and the game Pokemon Go has been permanently banned in the United States of America and the United Arab Emirates has also banned it permanently

Fire fairy game
The fire fairy game targets children directly, as it convinces the child that he can transform into a fire fairy through the use of gas burners, the game instructions say “At the middle of the night when everyone is asleep, get up from your bed and go around the room three times, while you repeat the words Then go to the kitchen silently, unnoticed or the magic words will lose their power, open the gas stove, all four burners but without fire you don’t want to burn, then sleep, the magic gas will come to you, you will breathe it while you sleep and in the morning when Wake up, you’ll be a fairy

better games


Masyu is yet another puzzle game that is based on the logic theory subset of mathematics. It was initially created by a Japanese pen and paper puzzle publishing firm called Nikoli. A masyu puzzle game typically consists of a rectangular grid that has a fixed number of squares and circles. Usually, two types of circles are present in the puzzle, i.e., either black coloured or white coloured circles

The black circles are known as the filled circles, while the white circles are called empty circles. The main aim of the game is to draw a loop that passes through all the circled cells present in the main or the parent grid without lifting the pen off the paper. The loop is required to be formed in such a way that it passes through the centre of one of the four sides of the cell forming an angle of 90 degrees during each entry and exit

This implies that the line used to draw the loop cannot pass through the grids diagonally. Also, the intersection of the line is not allowed. Playing masyu helps a person improve his/her ability to concentrate, enhances the decision making skills, and helps reduce the stress level

games for adults

Binary Puzzle
A binary puzzle is one of the best examples of the puzzle games that are ideal for adults. The word binary denotes two numbers, i.e., 0 or 1. The binary numbers 0 and 1 can also be represented with the help of state logic, where one denotes the high state and zero corresponds to the low state of a device or a system. A binary puzzle typically consists of a (n x n) grid. The prime objective of the game is to maintain the balance of the grid by filling the grid squares or cells with two numbers, i.e

either a 0 or a 1 in such a way that there exist same number of ones and zeroes in each row and column of the grid. Also, the quiqueness of the grid is required to be preserved throughout the game. This can be done by avoiding filling an exact combination of zeroes or ones in two or more columns or rows. By playing binary puzzle game, a person is able to improve a number of skills such as pattern recognition ability, concentration, critical thinking capability, and ability to make spontaneous decisions

Count the Figures
A count the figures puzzle game typically consists of a sheet or a display screen on which an image of multiple geometric figures is drawn or overlayed. The geometric figures are interlinked with each other in a complex manner. The main aim of the game is to identify the exact number of individual geometric figures of one type contained by the parent or the main figure

If the person is able to count the exact number of figures present in the image, then he/she tends to win the game. A count the figures puzzle game generally makes use of the logic theory and number theory subdomain of mathematics. It helps a person learn and practice the fundamentals of mathematics as well as is a great source of entertainment

Hidden Objects Puzzle Game
A hidden objects puzzle game is one of the best puzzle games that a person can play to boost his/her mental strength and to reduce the stress level. It is typically a picture puzzle game. The main picture of the hidden objects puzzle game typically consists of multiple objects. A number of objects are placed strategically into the picture in such a way that one can not locate them directly

The prime objective of the game is to locate as many hidden objects present in the picture as possible in the minimum time duration. The player who is able to find out all the hidden objects contained by the picture tends to win the game. The hidden objects puzzle game helps a person improve his/her pattern recognition ability, critical thinking, observation skills, and problem-solving ability. One can easily find the hidden objects puzzle game in newspapers or magazines. A few applications to play the game digitally are also available over the internet

Find the Difference Picture Puzzle

A find the difference puzzle game is a classic example of the puzzle games that an adult can play for fun as well as to strengthen his/her mental calibre. This particular puzzle game typically contains two pictures that appear to be similar, but contain a few differences. The differences in the picture are created in such a way that they are not easily and directly visible to the observer

The person who is able to find or locate all the differences tends to win the game. This particular puzzle game helps a person improve his/her object recognition and pattern recognition skills. Also, one can enhance critical thinking and problem-solving ability by playing a find the difference puzzle game

Detangle the Ropes Puzzle Game
A detangle the ropes puzzle game was traditionally created as a two-dimensional pen and paper puzzle game; however, in the current scenario, a number of digital platforms or applications of the game have also been constructed. A pen-paper detangle the ropes puzzle game typically consists of a sheet on which two or more detangled ropes are drawn in a haphazard manner

The end of one of the ropes is tied to a game object. The main object of the game is to identify which rope out of all the detangled ropes is holding the game object. The digital form of detangling the ropes puzzle game consists of an application that displays a set of detangled ropes onto the user interface or the display screen of the device or gadget

The user is required to sort the ropes by removing the tangling with the help of game buttons. Such games serve to be a great source of entertainment and relaxation as well as contribute to building and improving the mental calibre of an individual. By playing such games, a person is able to develop sorting and categorisation skills

Mahjongg is a tile-based puzzle game that was initially developed by China during the 19th century. It is a multiplayer game that can be played between 3 to 4 people. The main aim of the game is to match similar tiles to each other. A set of two similar tiles present in the game is known as eyes, while a set of three or four similar tiles contained by the game are called the melds

Mahjongg is one of the best puzzle games suitable for adults. It helps reduce the stress level and is a great source of enjoyment. Also, a person who plays mahjongg is able to improve his/her memorizing ability, calculation speed, and enhance the risk estimation


Kingou puzzle is yet another example of puzzle games for adults. A kingou puzzle is known to have Chinese origins. It is also known as a wooden ball puzzle. A wooden ball puzzle typically consists of 12 game pieces. These game pieces vary in size and shape. Three out of twelve pieces are known as the telephone pieces, two are the full bridges, two half bridges

two tie fighters, two eyebrows, and one wrench. The puzzle generally comes with the pieces attached to each other in a specific ordered manner, forming a perfect sphere shape. The player is required to remove the game pieces one by one and attempt to fix them together to form the spherical shape. The puzzle is considered to be moderately complex for most people,

but the difficulty level tends to vary from person to person. This particular puzzle helps the user gain knowledge of the pattern in which objects can be arranged to form a specific shape, thereby improving their critical thinking ability, problem-solving skills, pattern recognition capability, and hand to eye coordination