Benefits for Skin and Health1


Benefits for Skin and Health1

Rapeseed Oil Benefits for Skin and Health

I covered how rapeseed oil massage has a range of health benefits and how rapeseed makes a good massage oil. I’m going to look at some of the other rapeseed oil benefits for skin, hair, and your general health in this article

Rapeseed, also called canola is a very versatile and useful oil. It surprises me that so many people haven’t heard of it or even considered using it. Hopefully after reading this article you will be interesting in giving it a try

Canola oil is made by heating and crushing canola seeds. The oil is extracted and goes through processing to be used in all sorts of products. You’ve probably used it in cosmetic products or cooking without even knowing

Rapeseed Oil Benefits for Skin

Helps Reduce Scar Tissue

A lot of people with scar tissue are self-conscious about it and try various moisturizers. There are a few that can help to lessen the appearance of scarring, and canola is one. If you’re having a massage ask the therapist to pay attention to the areas of the skin with scarring

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Promotes Healthier Skin

Rapeseed oil has antioxidants and Vitamin E which are both effective in promoting healthier skin. These ingredients help to protect skin from the free radicals we are exposed to and keeps it soft and nourished

Moisturizes the Skin

A lot of oils are used for moisturizing, Rapeseed oil has unique and effective moisturizing properties and is worth trying if you never have. You don’t need the full massage rub down, just use as and when you wish

Rapeseed oil canola flower plant

Relieves Itching

Skin conditions like eczema and acne can be very itchy and uncomfortable. Keeping the skin moisturized helps to relieve that annoying itching. Canola oil is long-lasting and can keep the irritation at bay all day

Rapeseed Oil Health Benefits

Rapeseed oil also has a lot of health benefits outside of just using it on your skin during a massage. Here are some of the best health benefits

Reduces Inflammation

Canola oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties. If you suffer from conditions that cause inflammation or stiffness in joints, or if you’re nursing an injury, canola oil can prove very beneficial

Repairs Damaged Hair

Formulated products can often be harmful to hair. A natural solution to this problem is canola oil. Massaging this into the roots helps to strengthen the hair and give it a wonderful shine

Reduces Cholesterol

Cholesterol is an ever-increasing problem and results from modern day bad dietary habits and lifestyle. Rapeseed oil is high in mono-unsaturated fats, which are known to reduce cholesterol levels

Using Rapeseed Oil as a Carrier Oil

Rapeseed is a great carrier oil. Carrier oils help to make essential oils easier to use by making a diluted blend that’s easy to apply in massage and apply topically. Diluting essential oils with carriers do not dilute the health benefits, in fact it’s often necessary otherwise the oil is too strong

Rapeseed Oil Massage

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There are various type of carrier and massage oils. I’m sure most oils have been tried before, and there are varying results to different oils. Rapeseed oil massage, or canola as it’s also called is one of the lesser oils used. But it’s a very good carrier oil with some great health benefits

Rapeseed Oil Massage Skin Benefits

Rapeseed, or canola as it’s also known is great for the skin. This is why it makes a good massage oil, along with being a good consistency for massage and great and blending with other oils. If you visit a spa ask them to use rapeseed oil next time you go. Take their advice on which essential oils to mix, if any

Here are a few of the notable skin benefits you can enjoy from regular rapeseed oil massages

Vitamin E for Healthier Skin

Rapeseed is high in vitamin E and other anti-oxidants, which are known active ingredients in protecting and improving the look and quality of skin. Some people use it as a moisturizer for these reasons

Great Moisturizing Properties

As mentioned above, canola is great as a moisturizer The fatty acids in the oil are particularly helpful for people suffering with dry skin. Its a natural, inexpensive way to moisturize and will result is soft, youthful feeling skin

Actively Helps Combat Skin Infections

Always check with a doctor and on a small sample size first, but many people have lessened the appearance of skin conditions like eczema, acne, and scarring with canola oil. A massage with an essential oil might be just what you need

?What Makes a Good Massage Oil

Massage oils need to be suitable for application on the skin and not cause irritation. Some people will have allergies, but most good massage oils have very few instances of irritation. Almond oil is not suitable for people with nut allergies for example, but there are many alternatives that are suitable

Massage oils need to have a good consistency without being too oily. Be able to carry other oils to make therapeutic blends, and not leave behind a sticky residue. There are numerous health benefits with massage therapy. Having the correct oil is incredibly important

Rapeseed oil canola flower plant

Properties of Massage Oil Explained

There are certain properties that make massage oils effective. If you’re looking at different oils for suitability, look for the following


Viscosity basically refers to how thick an oil consistency is. A substance like tar for example is very high viscosity, while water is low. A good massage oil should be low in viscosity. It needs to flow smoothly over the body when massage strokes are being applied. It shouldn’t be as low as water however, the therapist needs to keep control over it

Absorption Rate

A good oil does not absorb into the skin either too quickly, or too slowly. A typically massage session is 30-40 minutes long, the oil should start to absorb fully as the session comes to an end


A lot of natural massage oils are low in odor, especially carrier oils as this allows for the main oil being blended in to be the primary scent. You can buy oils of all different scents and odors however. It will come down to personal preference what scent you want

Moisturizing Quality

Good moisturizing properties means the client is receiving all the benefits of the oil on their skin. Oils that are also good moisturizers hydrate the client and leave their skin feeling and looking younger and healthier

Oil Purity

Oil purity and quality is important for an optimal massage experience. Filtered oils have been put through an additional filtering process to remove small solid particles and contaminants. They are typically better quality and less less residue

In Summary

As you can see from the above benefits, rapeseed oil massage can be incredibly relaxing, enjoyable, and good for your health. If you have regular massages its good to mix up the oils used and keep the sensation fresh an interesting

There are endless oils and combinations to consider. The lesson learned here is that there are lots of different oils out there