4- How to become a football striker


4- How to become a football striker

The skills of the football striker

the shooting skill, the shooting skill is one of the most important skills that a striker must possess in the football game; Where this skill enables him to play his main role in the match, which is to score goals correctly, and the skill of shooting the ball in the football game must be accompanied by strength and accuracy in shooting, It should be noted that there are two types of shots that he must be good at. The attacker: ground shots and aerial shots, and the following shows the most important information related to the implementation of each shot

Ground shots

Ground shots are taken when the attacker receives the ball while it is on the ground, and these shots are the most common type of shot in football. On the goal, and in order to obtain great power in shooting such balls, it is recommended to use the instep to implement them, where the focus must be on the ball and on the place that the striker wants to shoot on the goal

Aerial shots

Aerial shots are the attacker’s response to the ball while it is heading to him in the air. The attacking player often performs aerial shots while he is in an area crowded with the opposing team’s players; Where he is not able to calm the ball on the ground and deal with it, so he resorts to shooting it while it is in the air, and although aerial shots are a bit difficult for the attackers, they are very effective in scoring goals; As it is difficult for goalkeepers to deal with and block such shots, it is advisable to direct the ball to a far corner of the goal corners while executing such type of shots

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Dribbling skill

The dribbling skill is one of the most important basic skills that an attacking player must possess in football. Where the player needs this skill to pass through the opposing team’s defense and then reach the goal and score goals, and it is preferable for the attacker to dribble through short and slow touches while advancing forward towards the opponent’s goal; As this gives him precise control of the ball and reduces the chances of being extracted by any other player, the attacking player can develop his dribbling skill by starting to walk the ball in different directions while taking care to keep

The ball is close to the foot, then increase the speed of movement with the ball so that he can do it correctly and without fatigue or problems, and the player can develop this skill by placing some objects on the playing field, such as cones, for example, and then start dribbling and moving around them

Ball Control

The skill of controlling the ball while touching and receiving it is one of the basic skills of any successful attacking player. This allows the attacker to control the course of play in tight situations and also gives him some time to think about the next step in the face of his opponent, and the control of the ball is not limited to the feet only in this game; Where many parts of the body are used in this skill

including the chest, shoulders, thighs, and other parts of the body, and the player can develop such a skill by kicking the ball on a wall 60 to 100 meters away from it and then receiving the ball when it returns with different parts of the the body in different ways

Other skills of a football striker

The following shows some of the other most important skills that a striker must possess in football Finishing skill

: The attacking player must have the ability to successfully and smoothly finish the attack, which makes him able to score at any opportunity and through any Possible scenario

Heading skill

A player who wants to be a successful striker in the game of football must have the ability to score and score goals through headers

Correct positioning on the field

The attacking player must be able to take a suitable position across the field in a way that allows him and his teammates the ability to score and assist goals


The speed of movement is one of the most important things that the player must possess, which helps him bypass the opponents’ defenders and reach the balls that need to be followed

Attacker’s personality traits

There are many qualities that a striker in football must be keen to develop in his personality, and the following shows the most prominent of these qualities


Acumen and intuition give the attacker the ability to act and make decisions quickly; Which reflects positively on the interest of his team

Team spirit

the striker must prioritize the team’s interest and work hard to win


It is one of the basic things that must be available to players in general and attackers in particular. As the player has an insight, he will be able to take a comprehensive look around the field


The attacker must be confident in his attacking abilities, which make him a strong player capable of scoring the greatest achievements


A striker should not despair of not scoring goals in one or even two matches, as the best strikers in the world can struggle with this sometimes

Duties of a football striker

A striker (in English: Striker) is known in any sport as one of the main players in the team, whose main task is to carry out the attack process and score goals,[7] and the striker of the team in the football game is responsible for scoring goals being the player closest to the goal The opposing team in terms of position,[8] and the striker in football has multiple duties that he must perform in order to be able to accomplish his main task

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Where he must run to reach the ball in the opponent’s goal area, and he must also be positioned and positioned well in the event that the ball is in the possession of one of his teammates so that he can receive it easily, and the striker must remain ready to receive various passes from teammates

Sometimes the attacking player has to go back so that the midfielders can deliver the ball to him; As his role is not limited to staying in the front area of ​​the opposing team’s playing field only; At other times, he may have to return to his team’s defense area to stay close to the midfielders and defense or even to help break the ball and recover it. They usually take starting kicks in addition to the corner kicks acquired by their team