Introduction to AutoScout24


Introduction to AutoScout24

Auto AutoScout24 is a must-have app for car enthusiasts. Where they can create car classifieds ads and get discounts on prices. New car offers or changes to your favorite cars. In addition, you get all the important information from our Cars app by paying to your mobile phone. Also, the features available in the application will able you to find it in your car easily, let’s get to know you more, what are its features and how can

download and use it

Introduction to AutoScout24

AutoScout24 is one of the best applications for cars, whether they are used cars, new cars, or even motorcycles

It is the largest car market in Europe, providing access to the car market with more than one million car offerings. Whether new or used, motorcycles or trucks. From all brands Audi, BMW, Ford to Mercedes, Tesla to Volkswagen

The app is rated 4.5 stars from the Google Play Store, has 377,000 reviews, more than ten million downloads, and the app is suitable for all ages

.Features of AutoScout24

AutoScout24 enables a fun feature which is a mobile virtual test engine. You can visit the Automotive website and zoom in for a detailed preview. In addition to the following features

Introduction to AutoScout24
Introduction to AutoScout24

It contains more than a million new and used cars
The ability to search for cars, motorcycles or vans through their search features
You can visit cards online using Auto Scout
The ability to save favorite cars and share them with friends
Notification of price changes is sent immediately
The possibility of selling used cars through it
The possibility of checking the value of the car for free, which provides the perfect sale
Save time by browsing, it also makes it easier for you to choose the right car you want to see
Provides the latest car deals and car changes with bookmarks

The ability to pay directly from the car app on your mobile
It has features like notepad and search for favorites that help to find your car easily
Possibility to contact car dealers to get fair ratings from the dealership. It is worth noting that each classification is an original and certified car dealer

?How to use AutoScout24

If you want to sell your car easily with AutoScout24, create a classified ad in your customer account. Whatever the car is Tesla, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW or Mercedes, all you have to do is upload photos. Then you can check the value of the car for free and also reach the people who are interested

You can also save your favorite cars to your notebook, get pricing information about them, and then compare your car deals or share them with friends

data security

Keeping your data safe starts with understanding how developers collect and share your data. Our data privacy and security practices may vary depending on how you use the Application, your region and your age. This information is provided by the developer and may be modified over time

?What data may AutoScout24 collect

According to the developers of the application, the application does not share any data with any third party such as another company or organization. But the data it may collect is

Personal information for example: email address and user identification numbers
Financial information eg: purchase records
User activities on the Application, such as user interactions, search history within the Application, and any User Generated Content
Information about the application and its performance eg: diagnostic data and fault logs
Device number or other identification number

?What procedures does the application follow

Depending on the app version, how you use it, your age, and your region

The security practices that the app may follow vary, and they are

The app encrypts data on transfer, so it is transmitted over a secure connection
You can request deletion of your data, as the developer offers the ability to request deletion of data

Download the app

You can find and install AutoScout24 on Google play store, or any other store by chrome or other

Then follow these steps

Click on the link
Click “Install
Wait a second to finish installing the app
Click the “Open” button
Read and accept the argument
Now, you can start using it

In conclusion, we advise you not to miss a lot by using the AutoScout24 app as it provides a perfect buying and selling experience. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact our technical support team by sending a message to this email